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Mansoura Ez-Eldin

The Callous Father Who Refuses to Die


Re: The Callous Father Who Refuses to Die, and the Madman Screaming at the Wind The place: Tahrir Street in Doqqi. The time: Four o'clock in the afternoon less than two weeks after Mubarak’s ouster. Traffic is jammed, cars lining up behind one another waiting for the light to change. The atmosphere is stifling, and there is a palpable feeling in the air that everyone is about to lose it. You can feel it in the way the lethargic bodies jerk about. You can feel it in the ...

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Mansoura Ez-Eldin

Mansoura Ez-Eldin is an Egyptian journalist and author of short stories and novels. One of the leading literary figures of the Arab world, her work has been translated into a number of languages, including an English translation of Maryam's Maze (AUC Press, 2007). In 2009, the Beirut39 project selected Ez-Edlin as one of the 39 best Arab authors below the age of 40. In 2009, her second novel, Beyond Paradise, was shortlisted for the prestigious Arabic Booker Prize.