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Jadaliyya Egypt Editors

Egypt Jadaliyya Editors

Egypt Media Roundup (March 5)

[Tahrir Square in Cairo. Image from Wikimedia Commons.]

“Spectacle and political power in Egypt” The military's responses to recent unrest shows it is learning to use manipulate events to its own political advantage. “The Arab media paradox” Despite the general Arab decline in the press freedom rankings, the region’s media have, in many ways, actually become freer, argues Khaled Diab. “The CSF Riots Anniversary and the enemy within” Zenobia looks into the CSF rioting of 1986. “The Brotherhood and Gulf security” Al-Qassemi ...

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Egyptian Elections: Preliminary Results [UPDATED]

[Surrounded by campaign flyers in the city of Mansoura, graffiti reads:

[This entry will be regularly updated. Last update: 6:50 pm, Monday, January 9, Egypt time] The table below summarizes the most recent seat breakdown by party/coalition after the completion of the first round of voting in the final stage of the election. Results do not include runoff races for stage #3 (scheduled for 10-11 January), as well as races that have not been settled due to pending legal challenges or scheduled re-votes (see the table’s accompanying ...

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Egypt Elections Watch: Use with Caution

[Revolutionaries besiege the Egyptian parliament. Image Source: Hossam el-Hamalawy,]

In a context in which emergency law, military trials of civilians, official bans on workers strikes and demonstrations, state use of violence against peaceful protesters, and frequent detention of political dissidents are all prevalent, it is hard to look at the upcoming parliamentary elections in Egypt with anything but a healthy dose of skepticism. For many observers, these elections signify a historic moment for Egyptians and a monumental step in their so-called ...

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