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Zeinab El-Gundy


Revolutionary Activists Take Fight into Cyberspace

[Image from Anonymous Operation Egypt]

Battle is joined in ongoing e-war between Egypt's revolutionary activists and their ostensible adversaries. Outspoken writer and political activist Nawara Negm’s email, Facebook and Twitter accounts were reportedly hacked last week, when unknown perpetrators commandeered her two Twitter accounts – @NawaraNegm and Oshaokhtmeligi – on which they posted insulting tweets. Negm is known for her vocal criticisms of public figures for their respective positions on Egypt’s ...

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Egyptian Political Figures Suggest Scenarios for Swift Handover of Power

[Bottom of banner reads

In a week in which security forces killed more protesters in Cairo, political activists and figures stepped forward with suggestions to facilitate a swift handover of power from the military rulers to a civil authority. Prominent political figures, growing increasingly frustrated with the ongoing political turmoil, called on Egypt’s Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) to swiftly hand over power to a civil authority. They put forward several suggestions to urge the ...

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Tahrir's "Honor" Demo Joined by Protests in Governorates

[Protesters in Tahrir Square. Photo by May Shaheen]

Anti-SCAF demos erupt in Alex, Suez, Assuit, Luxor, and Tanta to coincide with Tahrir Square's "Friday of Regaining Honor." Several Egyptian governorates – including Alexandria, Suez, Assuit, Luxor and Tanta – saw popular protests on Friday held in solidarity with Tahrir Square’s ongoing “Regaining Honor” demonstration calling for an end to military rule and condemning recent attacks by security forces on protesters, including women. In Egypt’s second city ...

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Friday "Honor" Demo Draws Thousands to Egypt's Tahrir Square

[Protesters in Tahrir square. Photo Credit: Mai Shahin.]

Roughly 25,000 turn out for anti-SCAF rally in Cairo and governorates as pro-SCAF counter-demo draws hundreds in capital's Abbasiya Square. Thousands of anti-government protesters joined today’s mass demonstration in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, dubbed the “Friday of Regaining Honor,” following Friday noon prayers. By 6pm, the flashpoint square was occupied by some 25,000 protesters, a large number of whom were women. Demonstrators staged symbolic funerals for slain activists, ...

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Public Prosecutor's Office Refutes SCAF Position on Clashes

[Adel Emara, deputy defence minister and member of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF). Image from screen short of Egyptian state television broadcast.]

Public prosecutors challenge SCAF's assertions that security forces were simply "defending themselves" during Maspero, Mohamed Mahmoud Street clashes. The public prosecutor’s office has challenged statements made earlier this week by Egypt’s ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) in which the council claimed that military personnel were simply “defending themselves” during violent clashes that took place in October in Cairo’s Maspero district and those ...

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Three Killed During Failed Attempt to Clear Tahrir Square

[Egyptian protesters evacuate an injured fellow protester during clashes with army soldiers near Tahrir Square in Cairo, Sunday, Dec. 18, 2011. Egypt's military sought to isolate pro-democracy activists protesting against. Photo Credit: AP.]

Two protesters shot dead by security forces during attack on Tahrir Square, one dies in detention. Military police and Central Security Forces (CSF) killed three protestors in a failed attempt to clear protesters from Tahrir Square on Sunday night. Protesters accused security forces of using sewage water mixed with kerosene gas during the attack. Two protesters were shot dead by security forces. It is unclear precisely who fired the fatal bullets but video taken from ...

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Hundreds March to Cabinet Headquarters to Stop Clashes Between Military and Protesters

[Protesters assist an injured fellow protester during clashes with army soldiers at the cabinet near Tahrir Square in Cairo 16 December 2011. Image from Reuters]

As hundreds march towards Cabinet headquarters to call for an end to the violence between protesters and the army, newly elected MP's work on a truce. Thousands march towards Cabinet headquarters to call for an end to the violence that erupted in front of Egypt's Cabinet headquarters near Tahrir. Friday morning, clashes ensued at Cabinet headquarters in Cairo where protesters had been staging a sit-in calling for newly-appointed Prime Minister El-Ganzouri to resign or be ...

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Appeals Court Releases All Maspero Defendants Except @Alaa

[Solidarity demonstration over Christian deaths at Maspero. Image from unknown archive.]

The Court of Appeals released twenty-seven defendants charged with inciting violence and attacking military personnel during the bloody events of 9 October but left the renowned blogger in jail. A Cairo appeal court has ordered the release Thursday of all defendants except blogger and activist Alaa Abdel-Fatah who were charged by authorities in connection with Maspero’s deadly events which saw military forces violently clampdown on peaceful protests on 9 October, ...

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First Elections Victim in Clashes Between Egyptian Bloc and Wasat Party Supporters: Eyewitnesses

[A protester carries stones to throw during clashes with Egyptian riot police near Tahrir Square. Photo credit: Khalil Hamra, AP.]

One is killed and three injured in clashes between Wasat Party and Egyptian Bloc supporters in Menofyia, denied by Wasat officials yet confirmed by two eyewitnesses. Several news websites reported that there were clashes between Al-Wasat Party and Egyptian Bloc supporters in the city of Tala in Menofyia governorate last Saturday night that ended with the death of one Egyptian Bloc supporter. Al-Wasat Party officials denied the news and claimed it was an attempt ...

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Revolution Continues: Putting the Revolution's Voice in Parliament

[Image from Ahram Online]

The Revolution Continues Alliance scores a lists seat in the first stage of the elections, despite facing substantial challenges, particularly financial. The Revolution Continues Alliance, which includes a large number of youth candidates under 40 years, as well as first time candidates, faced many challenges in the first stage of the parliamentary elections, yet managed to take 335,947 votes, ranking sixth place in nine governorates, according to the ...

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Blogger @Alaa Gets Another 15 Days in Detention, Orders State Security Prosecution

[Alaa Abdel Fatah. Image from unknown archive.]

While he won't face a military trial, blogger and activist Alaa Abd El-Fattah will be tried in a state security court, which may be worse. The High State Security Prosecution has ordered the extension of blogger Alaa Abd El-Fattah's detention for another 15 days, pending investigations. Abd El-Fattah was accused by the military prosecution of theft of military arms, attacking military personnel, destroying military properties and inciting hate and violence against military ...

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Political Forces React to Tahrir Violent Repression

[Tahrir Square on Monday night, a scene starkly reminiscent of last January's 18-day uprising. Image from Reuters]

Post-revolution political forces decry brutal violence against protesters, but few appear ready to give up on next week's pivotal parliamentary polls Several political parties and movements have officially condemned recent escalations of violence police and military repression in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, with a number suspending their parliamentary electoral campaigns. At a meeting held at the headquarters of the Ghad Al-Thawra Party in Downtown Cairo, representatives from ...

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In Historic Ruling, Egyptian Court Confirms Voting Rights for Millions of Expats

[Egyptians living in the US support January revolution in New York's Times Square last winter. Image from Reuters.]

The Administrative Court, responding to a lawsuit and a demand by millions of expats, said on Tuesday Egyptians living abroad can vote in the country's elections in world embassies and consulates. More than 120 countries around the world currently allow their expatriate citizens to vote in national elections and referenda whilst abroad. That list includes Tunisia, whose citizens stood in long queues outside Tunisian embassies around the world last weekend to vote in the ...

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