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BREAKING: Another Tuesday Protest Dispersed in Cairo After Controversial Law

[19 November 2013, protesters gather at Tala'at Harb Square before heading to Mohamed Mohamoud Street. Image originally posted to Flickr by Hossam el-Hamalay]

Activists arrested following dispersal of downtown protest, second in one day. Police forces dispersed another Tuesday protest in Cairo's downtown thirty minutes after it commenced, arresting several activists after using water cannons and teargas, the day after a new controversial protest law was issued.  Activists Mona Seif and Salma Saed were among those arrested, after staging a protest outside the Shura Council against a constitutional article allowing civilians ...

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New 'Anti-Brotherhood, Anti-Military' Front Launched to 'Achieve Revolution Goals'

[Haitham Mohamedain. Image originally posted to Flickr by Gigi Ibrahim]

'Revolutionaries' front launched on Tuesday in Cairo to provide 'alternative path to military and Muslim Brotherhood'. A new front, dubbed "Revolution Path Front" aimed at providing an alternative to the current "polarization" between the military and Muslim Brotherhood has been launched on Tuesday in a press conference attended by tens of leading political figures, activists and groups. "It has been two-and-a-half years since the revolution began ...

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Bomb Explodes Near Egypt Interior Minister's Convoy

[Mohamed Ibrahim, Egypt's interior minister. Image originally posted to]

Eight wounded, no deaths in a bombing targeting Egypt's interior minister convoy Thursday, minister survives. Egypt's Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim survived an assassination attempt when a bomb detonated early on Thursday near his convoy in northeast Cairo, officials told Ahram Online. Earlier reports said the blast resulted from a car bomb, but state TV said that the bomb was thrown by unknown assailants from a nearby building at around 10:30 ...

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Egypt's Ousted President Morsi Referred to Criminal Court Over Dec. 2012 Violence

[Mohamed Morsi. Image originally posted to Flickr by European External Action Service]

Former president and fourteen Islamist leaders accused of inciting violence in December clashes head to criminal court. Late on Sunday, Egypt's prosecutor-general ordered the referral of cases against deposed president Mohamed Morsi and fourteen other defendants to criminal court, concerning their alleged responsibility for clashes that took place last December in front of Al-Itihidaya presidential palace in Cairo. At least ten were killed in clashes between supporters and ...

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Morsi Supporters Rally to 'Reclaim Legitimacy', Police Warn Against Violence

[5 July 2013, Morsi supporters protesting the coup and chanting for the legitimacy of the former president Mohamed Morsi, Damietta, Egypt. Image originally posted to Wikimedia Commons]

Pro-Brotherhood' protesters take to the streets following Friday prayers; police say they will use live fire in 'legitimate self-defense'. Supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi began rallying across Egypt on Friday afternoon in response to a call by the Muslim Brotherhood's National Alliance to Support Legitimacy. Thousands began marching from mosques after noon prayers in Cairo and several governorates, amid tightened security measures. In Cairo, police have ...

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Muslim Brotherhood Senior Leader El-Beltagy Arrested

[Mohamed El-Beltagy, senior leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. Image originally posted to Flickr by Sarah Carr]

El-Beltagy was on the run since the police's bloody crackdown on pro-Morsi sit-in. Senior Muslim Brotherhood Leader Mohamed El-Beltagy has been arrested Thursday in Giza governorate, Ahram Arabic website reported. El-Beltagy was observed by the police for two days before his arrest in the rural area of Abo El-Namras in Giza. He was hiding since the police's bloody crackdown on the pro-Morsi sit-in in Cairo's Rabaa Al-Adawiya. On Wednesday, El-Beltagy appeared on ...

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Egypt Prosecution Arbitrarily Extends Detentions: FDEP

[Image originally posted to Wikimedia Commons]

The Front for Defence of Egyptian Protesters accuses Egyptian Prosecution of 'arbitrarily extending detentions and limiting access to lawyers for pro-Morsi protesters'. On Wednesday, the Front for Defense of Egyptian Protesters (FDEP)–a group of Egyptian NGOs and activists providing legal support for protesters–condemned what it called the Egyptian Prosecution's arbitrary methods for renewing detention periods of prisoners at the Abu Zaabal prison north of Cairo. The front ...

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General Prosecutor Refers Report Against Political Activists to State Security

[Asmaa Mahfouz and Esraa Abd El-Fattah former leading members of April 6 Youth Movement. Image originally posted to Ahram Online]

Prosecutor General refers report accusing well known activists Asmaa Mahfouz and Esraa Abdel-Fattah of espionage to Supreme State Security Prosecution. Egypt's General Prosecutor, Hesham Barakat, has asked the Supreme State Security Prosecution to investigate a report filed against political activists Asmaa Mahfouz and Esraa Abd El-Fattah, accusing them of espionage. General Manager of the youth and sports sector of Gharbiya's Nile Delta governorate, Abd El-Aziz Fahmi, ...

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Twenty-Six Brotherhood Leaders Referred To State Security Prosecution Over Tanta Violence

[Image originally posted to Wikimedia Commons]

Security forces round up twenty-six Muslim Brotherhood leaders over their alleged involvement in violent clashes in Egypt's Nile Delta city of Tanta on Friday. Egyptian authorities on Saturday referred twenty-six Muslim Brotherhood leaders to State Security Emergency Prosecution in the Delta governorate of Daqahliya. The detainees are charged with incitement to murder and over their alleged involvement in the besieging of the governorate headquarters and security ...

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One Dead As Skirmishes Erupt in Egypt's Nile Delta

[16 August 2013, Morsi supporters take the streets to demonstrate their fury with the way the security forces violently dispersed the pro-Morsi sit-ins. Image originally posted to Flicker by Mohamed Azazy]

Angry mobs reportedly attacked pro-Morsi demonstrations and houses of Brotherhood members in Daqahliya and Gharbiya, leaving one dead in the latter governorate on 'Friday of Martyrs'. Violence broke out Friday in several cities across Egypt as demonstrations by mostly Islamist supporters of deposed president Mohamed Morsi took to the streets and clashed with their angry opponents. At least one Morsi loyalist, named Mohamed Abdullah, was killed in Tanta city, in the Nile ...

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Thousands of Pro-Morsi Demonstrators Take to Streets in Egypt Amid Tightened Security

[5 July 2013, Morsi supporters protesting the coup and chanting for the legitimacy of the former president Mohamed Morsi, Damietta, Egypt. Image originally posted to Wikimedia Commons]

Thousands of pro-Morsi demonstrators take to streets in Cairo and several provinces decrying Morsi's ouster and killing of hundreds of protesters last week, army and police forces tighten security at protest sites. Marches are underway in several parts of Egypt on Friday with thousands taking to the streets protesting the removal of ousted president Mohamed Morsi and the killing of hundreds of Morsi supporters during a security crackdown last week. Demonstrations marched ...

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Official Muslim Brotherhood Spokesperson Arrested in Cairo

[Ahmed Aref, official spokesperson of the Muslim Brotherhood. Image originally posted to Ikhwanweb]

Ahmed Aref, the official spokesperson of the Muslim Brotherhood, is arrested in Nasr City, Cairo, early Thursday Security officials announced Thursday that official Muslim Brotherhood spokesperson Ahmed Aref was arrested earlier in the day in Cairo. Security sources told MENA, the state news agency, that Aref was arrested in Nasr City in his father-in-law's home. Hours after the arrest, photos of Aref in custody, smiling with the police forces that arrested him, spread on ...

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First Brotherhood Official Statement On Supreme Guide Arrest

[Mohamed Badie, the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood. Image originally posted to Ikhwanweb]

Brotherhood spokesman publishes on his Facebook page the first official statement on the arrest of their Supreme Guide Mohamed Badei. In their first official statement since the arrest of their Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie on Monday, Muslim Brotherhood Spokesperson Ahmed Aref says his arrest was neither political nor partisan, but rather a plot against the January 25 Revolution. "Dr Mohamed Badie is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Brotherhood is a member in ...

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Militants Kill Twenty-Five Egyptian Policemen in Sinai

[Rafah Crossing Point, Egypt-Gaza border in the Sinai Peninsula. Image originally posted to Wikimedia Commons]

Egyptian police conscripts were attacked and killed on Sunday near the Egypt-Israeli border in the Sinai Peninsula. At least twenty-five Egyptian policemen were killed when suspected militants ambushed a personnel carrier near Rafah-the crossing on the Israeli-Egypt border. Egypt's interior ministry and state television reports, also, that two policemen were wounded in the attack. Another conscript died from wounds hours after the assault. The security personnel were ...

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Egypt's 'Friday of Rage' Clashes Leave Dozens Dead

[25 January 2013, Clashes at Ikhwanweb, Egypt. Image originally posted to Flickr by Gigi Ibrahim]

Friday saw further protests and violence across the country, with dozens of deaths in Cairo alone. Egypt witnessed another day of bloody clashes on Friday as protests led by supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi quickly developed into violent clashes with security forces, leaving dozens dead and hundreds injured nationwide. The protests, which were called for by the Muslim Brotherhood under the banner “the Friday of Rage”, were organized to respond to the security ...

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Churches Torched Across Egypt in Anti-Coptic Violence by Morsi Loyalists

[Domes of St.Mark Church at night, Heliplolis, Cairo, Egypt. Image originally posted to Flickr by Andrew A. Shenouda]

Violence by Morsi supporters leaves dozens of Christian churches, Coptic-owned businesses and properties burnt; fears grow among Egypt's Christian minority of widespread sectarian strife. Churches across Egypt came under frenzied attack Thursday as the country became convulsed in violent turmoil after security forces forcibly broke up two major Cairo protest camps held by supporters of deposed Islamist president Mohamed Morsi. Incensed by the bloody crackdown that has ...

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Egypt VP ElBaradei Highlights 'Possible Safe Exit' for Morsi, Brotherhood

[Mohamed ElBaradei. Image originally posted to Wikimedia Commons]

Interim VP Mohamed ElBaradei says he would gladly lead talks with Muslim Brotherhood, from which Morsi hails, to end ongoing stalemate and prevent more bloodshed. Egypt's interim Vice President Mohamed ElBaradei said a safe exit for all the Muslim Brotherhood leaders is "on the table," including deposed president Mohamed Morsi. His comments, in an interview with the Washington Post, were published on Friday, as Morsi supporters hold fresh rallies in Cairo in ...

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Two Police Injured at Media Complex, Morsi Loyalists Remain Defiant

[13 May 2011, central security forces at the

Third sit-in in Cairo launched as well as three massive marches calling for ousted president's reinstatement; earlier demonstration at media complex leaves two police injured. Mohamed Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood and supporters staged fresh defiant rallies in Egypt following government orders to disband. Most demonstrations remained peaceful, except for clashes at Media Production City complex on Friday. Two policemen have been injured by birdshot in clashes at the Media ...

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Cabinet Decision to Disperse Sit-In Is 'Terrorism': Brotherhood

[23 July 2011, Army barricade at Nour Mosque, Abbasiyen, Egypt. Image originally posted to Flickr by Nora Shalaby]

Brotherhood plan to continue their Cairo sit-ins despite cabinet's instructions to police to disperse them. The Muslim Brotherhood described a decision by the Egyptian cabinet to order security forces to disperse a pro-Morsi sit-in as “terrorism.” “Morsi loyalists will continue their sit-in, and no threats will frighten them,” Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Ahmed Aref said in an interview with CNN's Arabic website. “The military coup is the terrorism,” he added. In a ...

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Three Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Sent to Criminal Court

[Essam El-Erian. This photo was taken on 31 March 2009. Image originally posted to Flicker by Sarah Carr]

Prosecution orders arrest of Brotherhood's Osama Yassin, Essam El-Erian; extends detention for leading figures pending investigation. Egypt's general prosecutor ordered on Wednesday the referral of the Muslim Brotherhood's supreme guide Mohamed Badie, deputy supreme guide Khairat El-Shater, and deputy leader Rashad Bayoumi to criminal court for inciting violence against peaceful protesters. The prosecutor also ordered the arrest of the Muslim Brotherhood's Osama Yassin and ...

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