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Tom Sullivan

'Desert Inhabited by Nomads'

[Image of Mauritanians protesting against the census, which they argue discriminates against ethnic minorities. Image by Bakari Gueye/Flickr.]

In the latest edition of his highly regarded history of modern Africa, Martin Meredith mentions Mauritania only five times in the book’s 816 pages. His most detailed description of Mauritania consists of a single sentence in which he says that upon attaining independence in 1960, “Mauritania consisted of no more than desert inhabited by nomads which until 1954 had been ruled from the Senegalese city of St. Louis.”[1] Meredith’s overlooking of Mauritania is unlikely to have ...

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Tom Sullivan


Tom Sullivan is an M.A. student in Middle East and Islamic Studies at George Mason University. He is also a member of the Tadween Publishing team, where he assists with the production of pedagogical publications.