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Ishac Diwan


Economic Research Forum Launches Interactive Blog

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 It has been a momentous year for the Arab world and the transformation from autocracies to democracies will not be an easy one for any of the countries. The goal of improving the economic situation will be crucial in determining the success of the ongoing revolutions. Yet, the public debate on how to do so has barely started. There are risks of unsustainable populism, of not addressing some of the main flaws in the system that have generated jobless growth, corruption, ...

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Ishac Diwan


Ishac Diwan is the director for Africa and the Middle East at the Center for International Development of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government where he is also a lecturer on public policy. His research interests (and publications) include economic growth strategies, the political economy of development, and the pro-active management of natural resources, wt a special interest in Africa and the Middle East. Ishac is currently also directing the Economic and Political Transformation program of the Economic Research Forum, a Network of economists from the Middle East. Ishac is Lebanese and got his PhD in Economics from the University of California at Berkeley. He taught international finance at New York University, before joining the World Bank in 1987, initially in the Research Complex, and then in the Middle East department, where he worked on development strategy on most countries of the region. More recently, Ishac lived in Addis Ababa and Accra as the Bank’s Country Director for East and then West Africa. He has worked on conflict prevention and on state building (in Palestine, Sudan, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Yemen, Guinea).