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Sherif Tarek


President's Reinstatement of Egypt Parliament Met with Praise, Indignation

[President Morsi adresses Tahrir. Image originally posted to Flickr by Johnathan Rashad.]

A surprise decision by Egypt's newly-inaugurated President Mohamed Morsi reinstating the dissolved People's Assembly (the lower house of parliament) has led to a state of political confusion, bringing an end to the relative calm that has prevailed since last month's hotly-contested presidential runoff vote. The People's Assembly was dissolved in mid-June by the then-ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), pursuant to a ruling by Egypt's High Constitutional ...

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Egypt's Military Rulers Retreat on NGO Crackdown After US Intervention: Reports

[Field Marshal and de-facto president Hussein Tantawi. Image from Reuters]

Field Marshal Tantawi has reportedly told US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta that NGOs recently raided would be allowed to operate as before. Egypt’s military rulers have pledged to allow NGOs recently raided by security forces to reopen and operate after the US voiced disgruntlement over a security crackdown on 17 NGOs, according to The New York Times.   Speaking to anonymous US officials, the Times reported that Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, head of the ...

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Q&A: Freed @Alaa talks Prison, Parliament, and Egypt's Future

[Alaa Abdel-Fattah at his home after his release. Photo by Salma Shukrallah]

Upbeat as ever, newly released activist Alaa Abdel-Fattah speaks to Ahram Online about his experience inside Tora Prison and Egypt's current political situation. At his parents’ house amid an exceptionally cheerful atmosphere, prominent blogger Alaa Abdel-Fattah on Monday received a multitude of press and television reporters, as well as supporters and friends, only one day after his release from military detention. As people congratulated him, the activist spoke of his ...

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Muslim Brotherhood's FJP Sticks to SCAF Roadmap

[Supporters of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood 'The Freedom and Justice Party' participate in a march in support of the party ahead of parliamentary elections, in Cairo. Image from Reuters]

The Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists are accused of turning their back on the popular uprising by revolutionaries, but they continue to receive widespread popular support. The latest statement issued by the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), the political party founded by the Muslim Brotherhood, concerning the latest series of clashes, has triggered a fresh wave of criticism against the Islamists, who once again appear to critics to be in agreement with the Supreme ...

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SCAF Hails Security Forces, Warns of Foreign Plots

[Adel Emara, deputy defence minister and member of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF). Image from Ahram Online]

Military council member lauds 'self-restraint' of security personnel outside Cabinet, warns of foreign plots to derail democratic transition. Deputy Defence Minister and Supreme Council of the Armed Forces member Adel Emara described soldiers who attacked protesters in downtown Cairo in recent days as “heroes” at a Monday press conference. At the conference, convened in the aftermath of a violent security crackdown on a three-week-long anti-government sit-in in front of ...

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SCAF: Intelligence Points to Plan to Burn Parliament Building

[Egyptian Parliament Building.]

Major General Adel Emara, deputy defence minister and a member of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), interrupted a press confernece he was giving to read out an intelligence brief stating that unknown assailants are planning to set Parliament on fire today. The announcement came as a journalist demanded an apology from the military to all Egyptian women after female protesters were subjected to humiliating and brutal treatment by Egyptian Army soldiers during ...

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Military 'Heroes' Bore the Unbearable Amid Plot to Destroy Egypt: SCAF

[General Adel Emara. Photo Credit: AFP.]

Major General Adel Emara describes the army soldiers who have been facing protesters in downtown, Cairo, over the past three days as “heroes.” Adel Emara, deputy defence minister and member of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), described the soldiers confronting, and attacking, protesters in downtown Cairo over the past three days as "heroes who bore the unbearable’" while dealing with "sabotaging" culprits. In a press conference Monday in ...

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Advisory Council Frozen in Protest at Brutality, SCAF Highlights Soldiers' "Self-restraint"

[Military soldiers attacking demonstrators at the Cabinet on Friday 16 December. Image from Reuters]

The Advisory Council to the ruling military wants military leaders to apologise for bloodshed near Cabinet office. The newly-formed Advisory Council, commissioned to draw, among other tasks, the outlines of the new constitution, has decided late Friday to put on hold its meetings in protest against ongoing heated clashes at the Cabinet office.  Earlier Friday, two members of the advisory council, Moataz Abdel-Fatah and Ahmed Kheiry, resigned to protest the ...

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Military Re-Sentences Maikel Nabil to Two Years in Prison

[Maikel Nabil poses in Tahrir Square in front of an Egyptian military tank holding a placard that reads “We refuse to let the army seal the uprising of the people.” Image from Ahram Online]

Maikel Nabil has been re-sentenced to two years in military prison and fined LE200 leaving the renowned blogger and activist with no options to appeal. Coptic blogger Maikel Nabil has been sentenced to two years in military prison on Wednesday and fined LE200 (US$30.3). The verdict was returned by a C28 military court Wednesday after the case was adjourned five times over the past few months. In addition to the fine, the military court also ruled that Nabil must pay LE300 ...

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Q&A: Emad El-Din Abdel Ghafour, Chairman of the Salafist Al-Nour Party

[Emad El-Din Abdel Ghafour. Image from]

Al-Nour Party chief gives Salafist perspective on ‘secular’ vs. ‘civic’ state; political reform; international relations; future of tourism; and women’s rights. For months after the January 25 Revolution, Salafists have done ‎little to alter their image as Islamic hardliners. Moreover, some ‎of them have substantiated the perception that they are, in fact, ‎‎“extremist” through a host of controversial media statements.‎ However, in recent weeks, after ...

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Free Egyptians Apologizes for NDP-Linked Parliamentary Candidate

[Battle of the Camel in Tahrir. Photo Credit: Reuters.]

Liberal Free Egyptians Party parliamentary candidate in Menoufiya, Sami Fotouh, accused of involvement in February's 'Battle of the Camel' attack on anti-Mubarak regime protesters in Tahrir Square. The Free Egyptians Party, leader of the liberal Egyptian ‎Bloc electoral coalition, has announced its decision to ‎eliminate top candidate Sami Fotouh from the bloc’s ‎electoral list in the Menoufiya governorate’s Qesna ‎constituency due to his past association ...

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Liberals and Democrats Revel in Salafist Electoral Defeats

[Egyptian women walk past a banner and poster in Arabic that both read,

Egyptian liberals breathed a sigh of relief upon the ouster of Salafist figures in the runoffs in the first round of parliamentary elections. After lamenting an emphatic Islamist victory in Egypt's parliamentary elections’ first round, as well as the paltry shares of candidates representing their views and ideologies, Egyptian liberals breathed a sigh of relief upon the ouster of several key Salafist figures in the first round runoffs. Al-Nour Party competed ...

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Al-Nour and Brotherhood: Arch Foes in Elections Runoff

[Image from Ahram Online]

In the first election runoffs, Al-Nour and the Muslim Brotherhood will run against each other with no friendly understandings.   Candidates of Al-Nour Party are rolling up their sleeves to compete for twenty-seven seats in eight governorates during the runoffs of the Egyptian parliamentary elections’ first round, scheduled for 5 and 6 December. After highly competitive two-day polling, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party ...

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Early Results Show Islamists Dominating Egypt's Next Parliament

[Sobhi Saleh, right, a senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood and candidate for parliament, speaks to voters at a polling station on the first day of parliamentary elections in Alexandria. He was later ejected for his conduct at the station. Photo credit: AP]

After the promise of a new dawn rising in Egypt, the projected success of Islamists in parliamentary elections has given many pause for thought on how this will reflect on the country. The preliminary results from the first round of Egypt’s parliamentary have realised the rife speculation that political parties from the Islamist current would comprise the vast majority of the next parliament. The Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), has ...

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Egypt's First Polling Day Deemed Promising, Brotherhood Unethical

[Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Mohammed Morsi shakes hands with a solider on the first day of parliamentary elections in Cairo, Egypt, 28 November 2011. Photo Credit: AP]

Violence was barely seen on the first day of the parliamentary elections, but there were other violations, many of which were linked to the Muslim Brotherhood The first day of the maiden post-revolution parliamentary elections witnessed several drawbacks and violations across the nation, most of which were reportedly committed by the Muslim Brotherhood. Yet, it is fair to say that, on the whole, the ballot opener turned out to be way better than initially expected. The ...

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Lax Security Stirs Up Pessimism Over Egypt’s Parliamentary Elections

[More riots to come? Egyptian anti-riot policemen block the way in front of a polling station in El-Dakahlia, Egypt, during 2010 elections. Image from AP]

Egypt is in dire need of a new parliament to push forward the transitional period, but considering the protracted security vacuum, parliamentary elections might turn out to be a step backward. The eagerly-awaited parliamentary elections will finally give the answer to the question of which of Egypt’s plethora of new revolutionary parties will win a larger piece of the pie. They may all lose out, though, as there is wide concern that the deteriorating security situation on ...

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