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Mesut Yeğen

The New Kurdish Movie

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Turkey’s decades-old “Kurdish Question” has recently changed its trajectory. There is a new movie playing in town. The Turkish state is determined to follow a new kind of politics in order to resolve the issues that have been haunting Turkish-Kurdish relations for almost a century. In this commentary, I would like to describe what this new politics looks like. Let us begin with the question, Why did Prime Minister Erdoğan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) choose a new ...

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Mesut Yeğen

Mesut Yeğen
is professor of sociology at Istanbul Şehir University, Istanbul. His research has focused on Turkish nationalism, the Kurdish question and citizenship in Turkey. He is the author of Devlet Söyleminde Kurt Sorunu (Kurdish Question in State Discourse) (Istanbul: Iletisim, 1999), Müstakbel-Türkten “Sözde Vatandaşa”: Cumhuriyet ve Kürtler (From Prospective-Turks to Pseudo-Citizens: Turkish Republic and Kurds) (Istanbul: Iletisim, 2006), and Son Kürt İsyanı (The Last Kurdish Rebellion) (Istanbul: İletisim, 2009). He has also written articles and book chapters on the ideology of Turkish modernisation, citizenship and Turkish nationalism