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Lucie Ryzova

Co-Editor of Photography Page

“I Have The Picture!” Egypt’s Photographic Heritage between Neoliberalism and Digital Reproduction (Part II)

[Detail from an anonymous photography album, Egypt, early 1940s. Collection of the author.]

The Arab Image Foundation (AIF)—a private archiving initiative founded by a group of artists and collectors in 1997, and run through foreign and local grants—appears on the surface like the very antithesis of the Library of Alexandria in Egypt (discussed in Part I of this article). While based in Beirut, the AIF holds a substantial collection of photographs from Egypt and represents an important model of archive and heritage-making in the region. The AIF’s approach to ...

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“I Have the Picture!” Egypt’s Photographic Heritage between Digital Reproduction and Neoliberalism (Part I)

[Library of Alexandria. Image by Dennis Jarvis.]

Egypt has no sole institution devoted to the preservation and study of its one hundred fifty-year-old photographic history. Instead, photographs lurk in multiple private and institutional collections across the country. Plagued by decades of decreasing budgets, institutional neglect, and excessive gate-keeping, photographic collections share the fate of the archival collections of which they are part: uncatalogued and uncared for, often unknown even to their custodians, they ...

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The Battle of Muhammad Mahmud Street: Teargas, Hair Gel, and Tramadol

[A protester throws a tear gas canister initially launched at protesters by security forces. Image from Reuters.]

 “The people in Muhammad Mahmoud [street] are decidedly not revolutionaries,” they are “vandals,” insisted a police captain on the phone to Yusri Foda’s prime TV show Akhir Kalam. The officer in the video has a point. Four days into what became known as “the Second Revolution”—though many emphasize that this is the part two of the same January 25 Revolution—the Egyptian state media admits that Tahrir Square is populated with “protesters” who might even have “legitimate ...

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Lucie Ryzova


Lucie Ryzova is Leverhulme Early Career Fellow at the Faculty of Modern History, University of Oxford and a co-editor of Jadaliyya's Photography Page. She is a cultural historian working on modern Egypt.