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Salma Shukrallah


The Muslim Brotherhood and the Military: A New Deal?

[The Egyptian Republican Guard was responsible for president-elect Mohamed Mursi's safety during his speech in Tahrir Square. Image originally posted to Flickr by Johnathan Rashad.]

Speculation is rife that the Muslim Brotherhood are again reaching a deal with the ruling military council after weeks of what seemed to be escalating tensions between the two. The long awaited government Morsi is expected to appoint soon may reveal what the two parties will finally agree upon. While sources at the office of President Mohamed Morsi have revealed that Egypt's newly-inaugurated head of state has not yet contacted anyone specific for the post of prime ...

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Confusion Overshadows Decision to Elect Egypt's President Before Constitution

[ woman shows her inked finger after casting her vote in a constitution referendum at a school in Cairo, 19 March 2011. Image from Reuters]

Legal experts claim that the government's decision to draft new constitution before the presidential elections conflicts with the amendments approved by the people in the March national referendum. Egypt’s Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Mohamed Attia declared on Sunday that the presidential elections will be held only after a new constitution is drafted and approved. While Attia’s statements clarified the confusion over what steps will follow the parliament’s ...

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10,000 Egyptian Women March Against Military Violence and Rule

[Egyptian women marching against military violence and rule. Image by Mai Shaheen.]

Women organize massive rally against military brutality following spate of violent acts against female protesters that have shocked millions; demonstrators call for an end to army rule. Prompted by the image of three soldiers stripping a female protester naked and violently assaulting her, thousands of women marched on Tuesday from Cairo’s Tahrir Square to the nearby Press Syndicate chanting, “Egyptian women are a red line” and “Down with military rule.”  [Picture ...

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Journalists Targeted for Exposing Egyptian State Violence

[A snap shot of reporter Omar Saeed injured by a rock thrown by military while covering clashes near Cabinet on Friday 16 December. Image ONTV]

Security forces accused of targeting journalists trying to expose state violence in Egypt, SCAF statements deliberately stir mistrust and misinformation. As violence has grown in Egypt, the media has faced increasing risks and dangers. Journalists, photographers and filmmakers have been beaten, arrested, and had equipment confiscated. Many expected the January 25 Revolution to grant journalists more freedom to do their jobs, however, in fact their jobs have become more ...

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Political Rivals Trade Accusations of Electoral Breaches

[Second Day of elections. Image from AP]

First-round poll results remain largely uncertain until now, but tit-for-tat allegations of electoral violations are rife. While voter turnout remains uncertain, all estimates suggest it was exceptionally high in Egypt’s first post-revolution parliamentary contest. The Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) was the only party to release a formal statement estimating voter turnout, which it put at roughly 30 per cent of eligible voters. According to Hani ...

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