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Lisa Wedeen


New Texts Out Now: Lisa Wedeen, Ideology and Humor in Dark Times: Notes from Syria

[Cover of

Lisa Wedeen, “Ideology and Humor in Dark Times: Notes from Syria.” Critical Inquiry 39.4 (2013). Jadaliyya (J): What made you write this article? Lisa Wedeen (LW): This article is part of a book project on what I call “neoliberal autocracy” and its unmaking. The book was initially envisioned as an account of aging authoritarianism and generational change. Then the uprisings happened and my orientation, although still centered on issues animating that project, had to ...

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الضحك في الزمن المظلم: مقابلة مع ممدوح حمادة

[مسلسل ضيعة ضايعة ٢ (٢٠١٠) اخراج الليث حجو سيناريو ممدوح حمادة الممثلون (النجوم): نضال سيجري باسم ياخور ]

[ ممدوح حمادة أحد أبرز كتاب السيناريو والحوار التلفزيوني في سوريا. قدم بالتعاون مع المخرج الليث حجو بعضاً من أفضل الأعمال الكوميدية، خاصة مسلسلات "بقعة ضوء" ابتداء منذ عام 2000  و"أمل - ما في" عام 2004. وقد أثمر تعاونه مع ذات المخرج في المسلسل الشهير "ضيعة ضايعة" في عامي 2008 و 2010، و أخيراً مسلسل " الخربة" عام 2011. يعيش الكاتب ممدوح حمادة في روسيا البيضاء.] ليزا ودين: من هم ممثلو الكوميديا الذين كان لهم تأثير على ...

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American Empire and the Good Life: Hypocrisy and Fantasy at Home and Abroad

[Syrian Soldier During Uprising. Image from unknown archive. Moet and Chandon Ad.]

On television, we watch attractive lovers drinking red wine in a lush New Zealand vineyard. Cut. Syrian soldiers drag a body down the street. Incongruous images like these aren’t just the stuff of late-night television viewing; equally discordant scenes, "links," flash up on computer screens where many of us surf.  In fact, just about everywhere you look, advertisements for the "good life" coincide, with almost naturalized self-evidence, ...

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Lisa Wedeen


Lisa Wedeen is the Mary R. Morton Professor of Political Science and the College at the University of Chicago. Among her works are two books, Peripheral Visions: Publics, Power, and Performance in Yemen (2008) and Ambiguities of Domination: Politics, Rhetoric, and Symbols in Contemporary Syria (1999). She is also co-director of the Chicago Center of Contemporary Theory and Associate Faculty in the Department of Anthropology.