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Eric Knecht


Anniversary of a Revolution in Mansoura


January 25th in Mansoura, though replete with its own unique set of revolutionary characters, had all the trappings of protests against the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) in Egypt, and in some ways, was a decent portrayal of the year in activism: the requisite frustration with military rule, surprisingly optimistic outlooks on the future, vague platitudes, carefully-focused demands, witty commentary, and of course, graffiti; all colored the day. Below, graffiti ...

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Far Outside Cairo: A Graffiti Campaign to Denounce the SCAF

[“My people, and I am free to make pee pee on them.” Image by Eric Knecht]

This week a group of students from Mansoura, a city two hours north of Cairo in the Daqahliyya governorate, decided they wanted to respond to recent military brutality against demonstrators in the capital. Over the past week, and independent of any political movement or organization, the group launched an awareness campaign involving a barrage of anti-SCAF (Supreme Council of the Armed Forces) graffiti.

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