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Ekram Ibrahim


Mohamed Mahmoud Clashes, One Year on: "A Battle for Dignity"

[Frontline during the November 2011 Mohamed Mahmoud street battles. Photo by Hossam el-Hamalawy]

Since the eruption of last year's January 25 Revolution, Egyptians have lived through anxious nights filled with fear and violence. But nothing has been more painful than the four days of clashes in November of last year on Cairo's now-iconic Mohamed Mahmoud Street. "The battle of Mohamed Mahmoud was not over power, it was a battle for dignity," activist Nazli Hussein said. The story began when security forces attacked a sit-in in Cairo's nearby Tahrir Square on ...

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Justice Denied: Egypt's Maspero Massacre One Year On

[Maspero massacre protest signs. Image originally posted to Flickr by Joseph Hill.]

"The moment I saw my brother laying on the ground covered with blood, after he was run over by an armoured military vehicle, fails to leave my memory, even one year later. Especially as I was hit when I tried to pick him up," says Wael Bishay, brother of Ayman, forty, who died in the 9 October Maspero massacre last year. Wael Bishay, thirty-one, is one of many who cannot forget the bloody events of that night, when at least twenty-five protesters died during ...

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Why Did Sabbahi - 'One of Us' - Do So Well?

[Graffiti in Cairo pre-presidential elections. Image originally posted to Flickr by Muhammad Moneib.]

During revolutionary times, remarkable social, cultural and economic changes occur. Each phase potentially carries new surprises as a reflection of these emerging changes. The emergence of Nasserist candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi in third place, so far, behind the Muslim Brotherhood's candidate, Mohamed Mursi and Mubarak-era Ahmed Shafiq reveals the significant portion of Egyptians thirsty for social justice. After Islamists – the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists – ...

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Nazlet Al-Semman District: 'Not Everybody Loves the Revolution'

[A ballot box. Image originally posted to Flickr by Zeinab Mohamed.]

On the second day of the presidential elections I went to Nazlet Al-Semman, the village adjoining the Giza plateau just outside Cairo – home to the majority of those pro-Mubarak thugs who waged the Battle of the Camel, taking their camels and horses over to Tahrir Square to attack protesters with a view to disbanding the sit-in. The event was crucial to toppling Mubarak after thirty years in power. Nazlet Al-Semman is best known for tourism – they provide tourists with ...

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NGO Raids: A "Smear Campaign" Say Human Rights Groups, as SCAF Backdown

[Workers from a non-governmental organization National Democratic Institute, or NDI, wait as Egyptian officials raid their office in Cairo, Egypt on 29 December, 2011. Image from AP]

Pro-democracy organisations point to more sinister motives behind Thursday's attacks, as Egyptian officials prepare to hand back confiscated items. Egyptian authorities promise within the next twenty-four hours to return all property seized during the attacks on the nongovernmental organisations (NGO) that took place last Thursday, an American official has said in an e-mailed statement. This follows a press conference held by thirty-one Human Rights groups that denounced ...

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