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Marwa Daoudy


Sectarianism in Syria: Myth and Reality

[Campus of Khalidd Ibn Al-Waleed Mosque. Homs 16 July 2013. From Lens of a Young Homsi.]

From media coverage to academic debate on the Middle East, the dominant narrative since the attack on the twin towers has been about the "D word"--democracy. The Arab world was traditionally portrayed in western eyes as an exception in terms of modernization and democratization. Meanwhile, Iraq was torn to pieces in the name of "democracy and its political system remains as authoritarian as ever. Since 2011, the Arab Spring has introduced a powerful ...

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The Case Against Military Intervention in Syria

[Image from unknown archive]

Looking back at 2011, the effect of the Arab Spring is still lingering. People have risen in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, and Syria, initiating a worldwide quest for political rights and social justice. Once characterized as politically and economically stagnant by neo-Orientalists, the Arab world set the regional and international agenda of the last year. From Madrid to the Occupy Wall Street mobilizations throughout the US, a powerful source of inspiration was ...

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Marwa Daoudy



Marwa Daoudy is a lecturer at St Antony's College, the University of Oxford (UK), currently visiting scholar at Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs (USA).