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Ella Wind

Contributor-Syria Page

Apples of the Golan: A Review

[Photograph by Andrew Beardsworth. Image courtesy of the photographer and Twopair Films].

Apples of the Golan. Directed by Jill Beardsworth and Keith Walsh. Austria/Ireland/Syria, 2012. A man places four apples on the ground in a rectangle. He paces back and forth between them. “The cell was seventy centimeters by 1.8 meters. I was sleeping with no mattress…twenty-four hours in darkness. I was there for seventy-three days.” He describes his torture: he was placed, exposed, in a tire, and lashed with a cable. He was lifted by his arms and tied up with ...

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The Lens of a Youth Photography Collective: Documenting Life and War in Syria

[Yassen Al-Sabbagh and Maryam Al-Sabbagh. 20 January 2013. Via Lens of a Young Homsi.]

[If you are unable to see the photo slide show above, please click here.] As much as the war in Syria is one of weapons, it is also a war of images. Photographs and videos circulated online have altered assumptions, confirmed biases, and framed narratives at every stage of ongoing developments. In the past year, a number of Facebook pages have emerged as part of the “Lens of a Youth” network of photography collectives, covering nearly all the different cities and towns in ...

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Dark Humor Facebook Pages of the Syrian Opposition

[Photoshopped image poking fun at the Assad personality cult reads:

The uprising in Syria has unleashed a wave of dark humor and satire across a range of media, from the clever posters of the Local Coordinating Committee of Kfarnebel to the short sketches from YouTube series “Freedom and nothing else.” Therefore, it’s not surprising that along with the thousands of Facebook pages for organizing coordinating committees calling for freedom of imprisoned protesters and honoring those killed in the uprising, a number of satirical pages for the ...

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Slain Filmmaker Bassel Shahade: "It's very dangerous to hold a camera around this country" (Video)

[Filmaker Bassel Shahade filming in Homs during the spring of 2012. Image from his facebook page.]

“When I held my camera and went to Homs... It was like holding a weapon with me. It’s very dangerous to hold a camera and travel around the country.” Syria Through a Lens highlights the life, activism, and films of martyred Syrian filmmaker Bassel Shahade. On May 28th, 2012, Bassel was killed during a government assault on Homs, where he had been filming the aftermath of the violence in Houla. Bassel was from the Qassa` neighborhood of Damascus, but had traveled widely in ...

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Turkey and Syria: A Breakup Bound to Happen

[Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan meets with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Image from unknown archive.]

While Syria and Turkey have called it quits for now, a possible regime change in Syria could bring them even closer together. The sultans must be green with envy. At no time since the fall of the Ottoman Empire have Turks held such sway over the Middle East. In the context of Arab uprisings, Turkey has been able to solidify a position it has been carefully trying to establish for the past decade. So far, Turkey appears to have made all the right choices. Now, it is ...

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Ella Wind

C. Ella Wind is a researcher on the political economy of Syria and Turkey , and a contributing co-editor for Jadaliyya's Syria page. She can contacted at