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Jano Charbel

An Analysis of Egypt's Draft Constitution

[4 December 2012, protesters gather in front of Noor Mosque, in Abbassiya, before marching on the presidential palace in Heliopolis. The Arabic reads:

Experts weight in on the possible impact on child labor and unionization. The 2013 draft constitution contains a number of provisions which some feared could be used to curb labor rights and freedoms. Other articles could be used to violate basic, internationally recognized, labor rights. The draft constitution also protects the continued use of forced labor, child labor, military tribunals for civilians, restrictions on the plurality of trade unions and professional ...

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And Where Do the Workers Stand? Syndicates, Unions Divided Over Morsi’s Ouster

[1 May 2011, Labor lawyer Haitham Mohammadein in a demonstration for the Labor Party on May Day. Image originally posted to Flickr by Hossam El-Hamlawi]

Since the events of 30 June, divisive fault lines have emerged within the country’s trade unions and professional syndicates, with leading members of these associations taking sides with the new ruling elites or former President Mohamed Morsi’s ousted regime. Unions and syndicates have been brought to the forefront of this ongoing conflict, as their leadership, loyalties and politics all come under question. On 2 July, a call for a general strike against the Morsi regime ...

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In Labor Stronghold of Mahalla, Vote Split Between Morsy and Sabbahi

[A man casts his vote in Mahalla. Image originally posted to Flickr by Nehal El-Sherif.]

The city of Mahalla, which some call the "Industrial Citadel of the Nile Delta," conducted its first day of landmark presidential elections Wednesday amid a lower-than-expected voter turnout, witnesses and observers said. Mahalla is home to the largest textile company in Egypt and the Middle East, the Egyptian Spinning and Weaving Company, which has consistently been at the forefront of labor struggles and strikes. This Nile Delta city also boasts a number of ...

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Political Estrangement, Legal Challenges Hamper Labor Movement

[May Day protests in Cairo. Image by Hossam Hamalawy]

With the ongoing marginalization of Egypt’s working classes, the revolutionary demands of “bread, freedom, and social justice” remain distant goals. On this second Labor Day since Hosni Mubarak’s ouster, numerous labor grievances remain unaddressed, and workers are just as politically sidelined as they were prior to the revolution, observers say. The Mubarak regime had been blamed for oppressing and exploiting workers, along with the rest of the nation, for 30 years. With ...

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One Year On, Labor Revolution Is Stalling

[Hundreds of Alexandria's harbor workers staging protest before gate 10 on 15 January 2012. Workers protested against retired military officials who still occupy leading harbor administrative positions and demanded disbursement of their bonuses. They warned of going on an open-ended strike. Image from Mahmoud Taha,]

On 30 January 2011, only five days into the revolution, the Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions was born, the first such federation to be established in since the union movement was monopolized by the state-controlled Egyptian Trade Union Federation in 1957. Since then, some three hundred independent unions have been established nationwide, with a reported membership of nearly two million workers. But nearly one year later, these unions remain unrecognized by ...

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