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Nizar Saghieh نزار صاغية


The Right to Food Safety: Rights-Based Dialogue as a Springboard towards State-Building

The stances taken by Lebanon’s Public Health Minister Wael Abou Faour in November 2014 took the country by surprise. Departing completely from the norm, Abou Faour published lists of actual businesses that have persisted in producing or selling food unfit for consumption, or not conforming to health standards. Fellow Ministers and others from outside the cabinet criticized Abou Faour, accusing him of adopting a policy of defamation that could have a negative impact on ...

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Lebanese Judges and Journalists: Breaking the Stereotypes

[Image via Legal Agenda.]

On 24 February 2014, a Lebanese court ruled in favor of Judge Randa Yaqzan in her case against al-Akhbar newspaper and journalist Mohamed Nazzal. Following the ruling, the convicted media outlet (al-Akhbar) criticized the court, going as far as questioning the legitimacy of the court’s right to examine other cases pending before it. [1] By doing so, al-Akhbar seemed to switch roles with the court: turning the newspaper’s trial by the court into a “trial” of the ...

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ظاهرة حرق الدواليب تخترق قصور العدل: الحق في محضر العصبية

[مصدر الصورة المفكرة القانونية]

خلال الأشهر الماضية، شهد الرأي العام اللبناني نشوء ظاهرة جديدة مفادها قيام مجموعات بحرق دواليب وقطع طرق وأحياناً التسبب باشكالات أمنية بالغة الخطورة للضغط على القضاء لاتخاذ قرار معين. وقد تجلت هذه الظاهرة بشكل خاص مع توقيف الشاب شادي المولوي بتهمة انتمائه إلى تنظيم إرهابي مسلح. فقد أعقب ذلك اعتصام في ساحة النور مع قطع طرقات في أماكن متفرقة، فضلاً عن اشتعال المنطقة الفاصلة بين باب التبانة، جبل محسن (يراجع الإعلام في الفترة الفاصلة بين توقيفه في 12-5 والإفراج عنه في 23-5). ...

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Legal Agenda on Jadaliyya!

[Legal Agenda logo. Image from]

The Legal Agenda is a critical and multidisciplinary non-governmental organization, based in Lebanon, that monitors and analyzes law and public policy in Lebanon, specifically, and the Arab region, generally. The Legal Agenda publishes a quarterly magazine, organizes regional conferences, commissions studies, and hosts panel and open discussions. In doing so, the organization provides a forum for citizens, experts, and researchers to analyze, critique, and debate local ...

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Nizar Saghieh نزار صاغية

 Nizar Saghieh is a leading lawyer, legal researcher and a human rights activist. His primary focus includes the independence of the judiciary in Lebanon and, within other Arab countries,  the penal code, memory of war and victims' rights, as well as women rights,  drug addiction, sex work and homosexuality. As lawyer, Saghieh aims to use  srategic litigation as a tool for social change and reform, especially on cases concerning migration, legally marginalized identities, and the disappeared. 

He is currently a legal consultant for the International Labor Organization, with an emphasis on labor law reform including women migrant domestic workers. 

Saghieh is currently working on a series of socio-legal publications related to human rights and the judiciary, namely drug addiction and prostitution. He is also preparing a study on the implementation of the law 220/2000 on the rights of persons with disabilities.

In addition to  his wide legal consulting portfolio, Saghieh is one of the founders of the Legal Agenda, a platform that monitors and analyzes law and public policy in Lebanon and the Arab Region.