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Julia Elyachar

Writing the Revolution: Dilemmas of Ethnographic Writing after the January 25th Revolution in Egypt

[Protest in Tahrir Square. Image by Paul Kohlbry.]

How to write ethnographically about Egypt after the January 25th Revolution? This problem dogged the convening of a panel at the AAA in November 2011 and the compiling of this “Hot Spot on Egypt” in the most direct of ways. We wanted to hear from Egyptian ethnographers or ethnographers living in Egypt. This proved more challenging than Jessica Winegar and I expected. The reasons bear consideration. In what follows, I draw on conversations with some of those who ...

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Jadaliyya: A New Form of Producing and Presenting Knowledge in/of the Middle East (Interview with Bassam Haddad by Julia Elyachar)

[Image from the academic journal Cultural Anthropology]

[This interview appeared in a series of articles in the journal Cultural Anthropology.] Julia Elyachar (JE): Jadaliyya has quickly become the go-to place for information and analysis of what is going on in Egypt and the region. Moreover, Jadaliyya is the place where writing of a kind that we associate with the best of anthropology--in the moment, grounded in theory, capturing historical transformation through engagement in events as they unfold--has been ...

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