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Amjad Baiazy

Syria's Cyber Operations

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The Internet is the first medium in history that supports groups and conversations at the same time. While the telephone gave us a one-to-one platform and televisions, magazines, radios, and books gave us the one-to-many platform, the Internet gave us the many-to-many platform. As a tool of communication and sharing, the Internet has proven to be an extraordinarily powerful force that is very difficult to control. Increasingly, nation-states and corporations have tried to ...

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Amjad Baiazy

Amjad Baiazy
is a human rights activist and expert on social media and cyber security. Amjad is a fellow researcher with the University of Amsterdam and is currently working with Amnesty International Secretariat. He obtained few academic degrees in English Literature, Business, human rights and media. degrees from Damascus University, City University of London, and John Abbotts College in Canada.