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Line Khatib

Syria's Islamic Movement and the Current Uprising: Political Acquiescence, Quietism, and Dissent

[Courtyard of the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus. Image from Wikipedia.]

  In one of his recent papers, Steven Heydemann writes that the attempts of forces behind the Syrian uprising and the Syrian National Council (SNC) to define themselves as the pre-eminent nationalist force in the country risk backfiring. This is because they face a regime that has successfully justified its rule by constantly emphasizing its own pan-Arab and nationalist credentials. Effectively, therefore, these self-identifications stir up precisely the old political ...

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Line Khatib

Line Khatib teaches political science at the American University of Sharjah, and is a senior research fellow at ICAMES (the Inter-University Consortium for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies), McGill University. She is the author of Islamic Revivalism in Syria: the Rise and Fall of Ba´thist Secularism (2011). Her research interests lie within the fields of Comparative Politics, "Islamism," and Middle Eastern Studies, with a particular focus on Islamic groups as both social and political movements.