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Suzanne Saleeby

Protectors of the 'Failed State': 'Captain Phillips' and the Intrigue of Somali Pirates

[Still image from

Captain Phillips. Directed by Paul Greenglass. USA, 2013. Appearing in US theaters in mid-October, Captain Phillips, starring Tom Hanks and directed by Paul Greenglass, has been a smash at box offices, grossing nearly one hundred million dollars in its first several weeks. Greengrass’ cinematic style is perhaps best known from his direction of The Bourne Trilogy, as well as United 93, a film depicting the airline that crashed in Stoneycreek Township, Pennsylvania on 9/11. ...

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Sowing the Seeds of Dissent: Economic Grievances and the Syrian Social Contract’s Unraveling

[Al-Hamidiyah Souq in Damascus. Image from Wikipedia.]

Over the past ten months, the international community has gazed awestruck at how Syria’s uprisings have swept through a nation once viewed as pacified by a repressive regime. An analysis solely focusing on the brutality of the Asad regimes, however, elides some of the economic roots of popular unrest, particularly those stemming from the rural poor. As a result of four years of severe drought, farmers and herders have seen their livelihoods destroyed and their ...

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Suzanne Saleeby

Suzanne Saleeby received her Master of Arts in Arab Studies from Georgetown University in 2011. Recently, she has worked in international development in Washington, DC, and contributed to Jadaliyya's Syria Page. She has studied in Syria, Jordan, and Spain. A Lebanese-American, Suzanne's research interests focus on issues of refugees, migration, and Arab diasporas.

Suzanne is a co-editor of Jadaliyya's NEWTON Page. She is also the coordinator for a growing think tanks database, a component of the Arab Studies Institute's Knowledge Production Project.