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An Invitation by Tenured Faculty at Princeton to Divest from Companies Profiting from Israeli Occupation

[The below petition was published in the Daily Princetonian.] The following petition was begun by five faculty members in History and Near Eastern Studies and now has the following signatories. This ad serves both as an announcement of the petition to the community and as an invitation to the tenured faculty across the university for their support. If you would like to sign the petition, please send an email to: […]. The petition will be presented to the university ...

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How the United States Helped ISIS

[The following opinion piece was authored by Andrew Thompson and Jeremi Suri, and published in The New York Times on 1 October 2014] How America Helped ISIS Austin, Texas — The Islamic State terrorists who have emerged in Iraq and Syria are neither new nor unfamiliar. Many of them spent years in detention centers run by the United States and its coalition partners in Iraq after 2003. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State, spent nearly five years imprisoned ...

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Press Release: University of Toronto Students Condemn Racist Attacks on Free Speech on Campus and Demand Accountability and Action by Administration

[Image from]

[The following press released was issued on 31 October 2014 by the University of Toronto Graduate Students' Union.] On Monday, October 27th students and faculty gathered for the launch of the UofT Divest campaign, which calls on the university to withdraw investments from three companies complicit in violations of international law in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Unfortunately the event was disrupted, although not derailed, by an off-campus ...

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Film Screening and Director Discussion: Eliane Raheb's Layali Bala Noom (10 November, George Mason University)

Middle East Studies Program, Arab Studies Institute, and Middle East Etc. Film Club Present: Layali Bala Noom (Sleepless Nights) With Film Director Eliane Raheb  Monday, November 10 JC Cinema @ 7PM George Mason University Pizza and Refreshments Provided  More Information:  Film Synopsis: Through the stories of Assaad Shaftari, a former high ranking intelligence officer in a Christian right wing militia, responsible for many ...

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NYC Event--Can Palestinian Men Be Victims? Gendering Israel's War on Gaza (3 November 2014)

Join the History of Women and Gender Program, the Middle East and Islamic Studies Department, the Hagop Kevorian Center, and Students for Justice in Palestine on Monday 3 November, 12:30-2:00pm for a discussion with Jadaliyya Co-Editor and Professor Maya Mikdashi about gendered hierarchies of victimhood in the Israel-Palestine conflict. Maya’s original article, published in Jadaliyya, can be found here. A light lunch will be ...

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After Gezi: Erdogan and Political Struggle in Turkey (Video)

[Still image from

Political struggles over the future of Turkey have left the country profoundly divided. Former Prime Minister, now President, Tayyip Erdogan, has fueled growing polarization through his authoritarian response to protests, his large-scale urban development projects, his religious social conservatism, and most recently, through his complicity in the Islamic State’s war against the Kurdish people in Northern Syria. In the year after the Gezi uprising, protests continue against ...

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14 منظمة حقوقية مستقلة تنتقد توسيع اختصاصات القضاء العسكري

بيان صحفي مشترك تعرب المنظمات الموقعة على هذا البيان عن قلقها البالغ إزاء قانون تأمين وحماية المنشآت العامة والحيوية، والذي صدر هذا الأسبوع وجعل عددًا هائلًا من المنشآت العامة في حكم المنشآت العسكرية، مما يترتب عليه توسيع مجال اختصاص القضاء العسكري على نحو يعرض حق المواطنين في محاكمات عادلة للخطر، ويفاقم من أزمة منظومة العدالة التي تشهدها مصر حاليًا. وتطالب المنظمات الموقعة السيد رئيس الجمهورية بسحب هذا القرار بالقانون في أسرع وقت. وكان الرئيس عبد الفتاح السيسي قد أصدر في ...

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Labor Strikes in the GCC: Deportations and Victories in 2014

[Migrant Rights logo. Image from]

[The following report was originally published by Migrant Rights on 29 October 2014.] The crackdowns on migrant workers in the GCC do not succeed in silencing migrant dissent. Last year, hundreds of thousands were deported, after being targeted, detained, and mistreated in the Gulf region. Stringent nationalization laws maintain a xenophobic atmosphere around migrant populations who constitute the majority in GCC (up to 85% in countries such as Qatar). As authorities and ...

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Operation Protective Edge: Legal and Political Implications of ICC Prosecution (Audio Recording)

George Mason University’s Middle East Studies Program, Global Programs, New Century College (NCC) and the Trans-Arab Research Institute welcomed four international law experts to discuss the political and legal implications of an International Criminal Court (ICC) investigation of recent conflict in the Gaza Strip. This discussion was held on Monday, October 20, 2014. In July and August, hostilities in the Gaza Strip left 2,131 Palestinians and 71 Israelis dead, including ...

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Press Release: Astral Desire Photo Exhibition by Katie Ramadan

[Photo by Katie Ramadan]

[The following press released was issued on 24 October 2014] ‘Astral Desire’ is a photo exhibition by Katie Ramadan that speaks of human relationships in Palestine, desire and spirituality. ‘Astral Desire’ opens in Haifa, at the Abatjour Café (49 Hillel St.) on 1 November 2014, launching a week of cultural activities to celebrate Abatjour’s one year anniversary. The exhibition will thereafter show in Nazareth and Jerusalem. The photo exhibition tells the story of ...

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UNRWA Spokesperson Challenges Center for Near East Policy Research and Fox News on Gaza (Video)

In this debate on Fox News, UNRWA Spokesperson Christopher Gunness  and the Center for Near East Policy Research's David Bedein debate the issue of the role of UNRWA in Gaza and US funding for the "reconstruction" of Gaza. The power of this debate is the manner with which Gunness exposes the comprehensive fraudulence at the heart of the Center for Near East Policy Research's right-wing agenda and particularly its recent attempted indictment of UNRWA's ...

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Assault on Academic Freedom: Neoliberalism and the Corporatization of Universities, Live Stream Event with Steven Salaita (27 October 2014 at GMU)

Sponsored by Middle East Studies Program and Cultural Studies Program at George Mason University Assault on Academic Freedom: Neoliberalism and the Corporatization of Universities Date & Time: October 27, 2014 7:15PM George Mason University  Johnson Center, Room 239A Featuring Steven Salaita  Moderated by Bassam Haddad, addressing: The New "Academic" Bullying on Campus and its Remedies Send “Academic Bullying” ...

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Declaration by Scholars for Peace in Solidarity with the Saturday Mothers of Turkey

[The Saturday Mothers. Image via Wikimedia Commons.]

[This week, the Saturday Mothers will be commemorating their five hundredth sit-in protest in Taksim Square, Istanbul. This statement of solidarity was released by the Scholars for Peace Initiative on 25 October 2014. The Scholars for Peace initiative focuses on creating peace among the people, and is comprised of over 150 scholars from over fifty universities who see the Kurdish issue as a Turkey issue. More information can be found here.] On 25 October 2014, the Saturday ...

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Press Release: Announcing the Website of Watch/Raqeb -- An Arab Regional Project on Information Access

[Logo of Watch/Raqeb]

 [The following press release was issued on 22 October 2014 by Watch/Raqeb] -Watch/Raqeb- is pleased to announce the launch of its website Led by a community of youth from several Arab countries, including Egypt, Palestine, and Saudi Arabia, -Watch/Raqeb- is a multi-layered effort to offer Arab citizens a nuanced perspective on how international politics are playing out in the Middle East. It seeks to enhance and nuance public knowledge ...

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UC Irvine Event: Bassam Haddad on 'The Syrian Tragedy: Causes, Dynamics, and Consequences' (23 October 2014)

The Center for Global Peace and Conflict Studies at UC Irvine present: The Syrian Tragedy: Causes, Dynamics, and Consequences With Bassam Haddad, Director of Middle East Studies at George Mason University Date: Thursday 23 October 2014 Time: 3:30pm Location: Social and Behvaioral Science Gateway, Room 1517, UC Irvine  

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LA Event: Spotlight on Egypt (23 October 2014)

On Thursday, October 23, 12-2pm at 450 Tudor Center at the University of Southern California, USC's Middle East Studies' Program (MESP) is hosting a panel discussion on "Spotlight on Egypt."  UC Santa Barbara Professor Paul Amar will examine President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi's Egypt by looking at the new means of control embedded in recently emergent regional, socio-spatial, and geopolitical patterns. UC Santa Barbara Professor Sherene Seikaly will examine the ...

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Operation Protective Edge and Legal Remedies

[The following report was authored by Noura Erakat [1], Bianca Isais [2], and Salmah Rizvi [3]. It was published by the Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs (IFI) at American University of Beirut on 9 October 2014.] Operation Protective Edge and Legal Remedies Introduction On 26 August 2014, Israel and Palestinian resistance groups entered into a long-term ceasefire agreement. The terms of the agreement look almost identical to ...

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Citizenfour: Laura Poitras’ Documentary on Edward Snowden (Video Trailer)

[Screen shot from YouTube]

The following trailer is for Laura Poitras' Citizefour, which is scheduled for release on 24 October 2014.  

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Intervention and the Limits of US Power? A Panel Featuring Vijay Prashad and Jadaliyya Co-Editor Lisa Hajjar (Video)

[Left to right: Lisa Hajjar, Karim Makdisi, and Vijay Prashad. Image courtesy of AUB.]

A panel titled "Intervention: Limits of US Power?" was organized by the Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs (IFI) and the Center for American Studies and Research (CASAR) at the American University of Beirut on 13 Ocotber 2014. The panel featured Vijay Prashad (IFI Senior Research Fellow), whose talk was titled "Obama's ISIS Policy," and Jadaliyya Co-Editor Lisa Hajjar (Edward Said Chair of American Studies at CASAR), ...

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How You Can Help Steven Salaita

[Steven Salaita]

Below are links to the fundraising websites for Steven Salaita. Making a donation - either to the general fund or to the fund for the Middle East Studies Association (MESA) conference honorarium - will not only help support Steven Salaita through this time of uncertainty, but will also help to set a precedent of solidarity with others who may come under similar scrutiny and face similar hardship as a result. Steven Salaita’s firing did not occur in a vacuum; what is ...

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