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Migrant Workers and Labor Unions in the Gulf: An Interview with Karim Radhi

[Screenshot of

[In this Migrant Rights interview, trade union activist Karim Radhi focuses on the cultural attitudes toward migrant laborers in the Gulf, which he sees as the primary obstacle to their integration into any workers’ movement there. The interview first appeared in Arabic and was later translated by Saqer Almarri.] In this interview, the poet and trade union activist Karim Radhi, of the Secretariat of the General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions, speaks on the situation ...

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ABC Radio (Australia) Interviews Jadaliyya co-Editor Mouin Rabbani on Palestinian Reconciliation

[Mahmoud Abbas, speaking in 2010. Image by Olivier Pacteau.]

In this interview with ABC Radio (Australia), Jadaliyya Co-Editor Mouin Rabbani explains the background and examines the prospects of the April 2014 Palestinian reconciliation agreement. Rabbani answers questions about the formation of a new Palestinian government, its political program, and economic challenges.    

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Call for Papers: Conference on Impact of Arab Uprisings on Citizenship in Arab World (12-14 November)

The Arab uprisings that occurred in a number of Arab states and have had ripple effects on others since late 2010 are part of a process of change that had been brewing in the Arab World for some time. Participants in the uprisings demanded dignity, work, bread, liberty, and social justice, linking together calls for political, social, and economic change and for wider citizen participation in political life.​ The uprisings overthrew long-held assumptions of the people’s ...

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Presbyterian General Assembly Votes to Divest from Israeli Occupation

[The following press release was issued by US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation on 20 June 2014.] Following a ten year process, the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) has voted 310 to 303 to divest from Caterpillar, Motorola Solutions, and Hewlett Packard as a result of the companies’ involvement in the Israeli military occupation.  This historic move came roughly two weeks after the General Board of Pension and Health Benefits of the United ...

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Statement by Comrades from Cairo: Everyone's Right to Protest

[Artwork by graffiti artist Ganzeer]

[The following statement was recently released by Comrades from Cairo] Everyone's Right to Protest To Those At Whose Side We Struggle, We write to you again at the bloody dawn of a new presidency: our fourth in as many years. General Abdel Fattah El Sisi, who oversaw the brutal overthrow of Mohamed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood, now sits on Egypt’s Iron Throne. Mubarak’s resurgent police state is more ferocious than ever. The media, controlled by a handful of ...

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Letter to Obama Administration on Egyptian State Violations of Human Rights

[Stop the Anti-Protest Law. Image artwork by Aboud and poster courtesy of MENA Solidarity Network]

In an unprecedented statement, over forty senior academics including more than a dozen former presidents of the most important professional association for scholars of the Arab and larger Muslim world, the Middle East Studies Association (MESA), have signed a letter to US President Obama and Secretary State John Kerry calling for the Administration to demand the immediate release of blogger Alaa Abd El Fattah and other political detainees in Egypt, for Egyptian officials to ...

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Communication to 38th World Heritage Committee on the Nomination of Battir as a World Heritage Site in Danger

[Village of Battir. Image by Idobi via Wikimedia Commons.]

Introduction Battir is a Palestinian village located on the border which separates the West Bank from Israel since 1948; its human historic landscape, characterized by dry-stone terraces and ancient irrigation systems dating back to pre-roman times, yet in use according to traditional agricultural practices, is menaced by the construction of the Separation Barrier, which, if built, will irreversibly damage the site and disrupt the way of living of its inhabitants. “This is ...

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Call for Proposal: Research Grants for Study of 'The Gulf Family'

The Center for International and Regional Studies (CIRS) at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar announces a major research initiative designed to enhance our understanding of "The Gulf Family." Grant Purpose In the Gulf region (the GCC states, Yemen, Iraq, and Iran) the tribe has traditionally served as the oldest social institution, and the family is recognized not only as the fundamental group unit of society, but also as the ...

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Social Discord and the Power-Capital Nexus in the Gulf

[Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Image from Broad Arrow/Wikimedia Commons. 2007.]

[The following is the executive summary of a study conducted and published by the Gulf Centre for Development Policies. The full report in Arabic can be found here.] The Constant and the Changing 2014: Social Discord and the Power-Capital Nexus in the Gulf Executive Summary The sudden explosion of the 2011 Arab uprisings came as a shock-reminder that societies never remain stationary. Where, then, do the countries of the GCC—pivotal players on the Arab and global ...

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Gezi Platform NYC & GEZIniyoruz First Year Summary (Video)

[Gezi Platform NYC logo.]

Over the course of the past year, Gezi Platform NYC and GEZIniyoruz Network stood in solidarity with our friends in Turkey for our shared struggle against the oppressive neo-liberal police state that has been taking root under the AKP rule. We rose up in unison, we talked in unison, we recalled in unison, and we demanded in unison. Our resistance will continue in unison, as we know that people united will never be defeated. Together, we will!

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Press Release: Librarians and Archivists with Palestine Launches New Website and Solidarity Network

[The following press release was issued by Librarians and Archivists with Palestine on 5 June 2014.] On the 47th anniversary of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, and after 66 years of dispossession of the Palestinian people, a group of librarians and archivists is launching a network of information workers in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for self-determination. In summer 2013, information workers from the U.S., Canada, Sweden, ...

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Press Release: Sentencing Activists for Fifteen Years in Absentia Confirms Our Concerns

[The following press released was issued on 12 June 2014 by the below list of groups and published on by the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR)]   Joint Press Release: Sentencing Activists for 15 years in Absentia Confirms Our Concerns Regarding the Right to Free and Fair Trials and the Independence of the Judiciary   The harsh sentence handed down yesterday in absentia by the Cairo Criminal Court against Alaa Abdel Fattah, Ahmed Abdel Rahman, Wael ...

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Press Release: Egyptian Leader Faces Rights Crisis

[Human Rights Watch logo. Image form]

[The following press release was issued on 10 June 2014 by Human Rights Watch (HRW).] (Beirut) – President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi takes office in Egypt in the midst of a human rights crisis as dire as in any period in the country’s modern history, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch said today. The new president should make addressing Egypt’s dismal human rights record a top priority. In the period since the July 3, 2013 ousting of President Mohamed Morsy, ...

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تقرير حول أداء وسائل الإعلام خلال الانتخابات الرئاسية 2014


أصدر مركز القاهرة لدراسات حقوق الإنسان صباح اليوم السبت 7 يونيو 2014 تقريره المرحلي الثاني حول التغطية الإعلامية لفترات الاقتراع في الانتخابات الرئاسية 2014 . التقرير الذي يتكون من أربعة مباحث في 26 صفحة تقريبًا، يرصد ويقيم التغطية الإعلامية لــ15 وسيلة إعلامية (مرئية– مكتوبة – مسموعة) خلال المراحل الثلاث الأخيرة في عملية الانتخابات وهي: عملية الاقتراع خارج مصر وحتى إعلان نتيجتها، الساعات الأخيرة قبل الاقتراع بالداخل (الـ72 ساعة الأخيرة من فترة الدعاية، وكذا يومي الصمت ...

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Job Announcement: Various Positions with the Arab Council for Social Science (ACSS)

The Arab Council for the Social Sciences (ACSS) is a regional, independent, non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening social science research and knowledge production in the Arab world. By supporting researchers and academic/research institutions, the ACSS aims to contribute to the creation, dissemination, validation and utilization of social science research and to enrich public debate about the challenges facing Arab societies. The Arab Council for the Social ...

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On Perpetual State Violence in Lice

[Gezi Platform NYC logo.]

[The following statement was issued by Gezi Platform NYC on 8 June 2014. On 8 June 2014, the Turkish military killed two Kurdish civilians, Ramazan Baran (twenty-six) and Baki Akdemir (fifty), who were protesting against a military post construction in Lice, a small town located near the city of Diyarbakır. Military posts in Turkey’s Kurdistan represent torture, intimidation, assassination, and mass graves perpetuated during the civil war of the last forty years. People ...

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الاعتداءات الجنسية والاغتصاب في ميدان التحرير

[مصدر الصورة صفحة

  الاعتداءات الجنسية والاغتصاب في ميدان التحرير أثناء الاحتفال بحلف يمين الرئيس دليل على عدم كفاية التعديلات القانونية الأخيرة للتصدي لتلك الجرائم وقوع على الأقل 9 حالات اعتداءات جنسية واغتصابات بالآلات الحادة والأصابع الأسبوع الجاري. تابع الموقعون التعديلات القانونية الأخيرة في قانون العقوبات المرتبطة بجرائم لاعتداءات الجنسية ويؤكدون أن التعديل خطوة غير كافية لمحاسبة مرتكبي جرائم العنف الجنسي التي طالت على الأقل 500 ناجية خلال الفترة من فبراير 2011 إلى يناير 2014، ...

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Press Release: International Keynote Speakers at Two Israeli Conferences Withdraw in Reaction to BDS Calls

 [The following press release was issued on 3 June 2014] For Immediate Release The recent success of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement in deterring leading academics from participating in Israeli conferences is a marked move forward towards removing academic respectability from Israeli institutions, and persuading more academics to refrain from collaborating with the Israeli occupation and apartheid regime. Two conferences scheduled for June 2014 ...

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Call for Applications: The School of Public Affairs at American University

Call for Applications: The School of Public Affairs at American University Announces the Andrew Carnergie Centennial Fellowships in Support of Visiting Scholars in the Social Sciences from Arab Universities. The School of Public Affairs at American University, under the auspices of the Carnegie Corporation of New York, is pleased to announce a call for applications for Andrew Carnegie Centennial Fellowship. The fellowships, beginning in September 2014, will be offering ...

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Month-by-Month Summary of Developments in Syria (Updated)

[ICG logo. Image from]

[The following monthly summaries on developments in Syria were compiled and published by the International Crisis Group (ICG). Jadaliyya Reports will update this post each month as subsequent monthly summaries are issued.]  Ocotber 2014 U.S. late month began airstrikes against Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIL) militants and fighters linked to al-Qaeda (AQ) central leadership and AQ affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra (JN) inside Syria: dozens of IS fighters reported ...

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