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Book Launch Event: Leisurely Islam (10 April, Harvard University)

[Cover of

The Center for Middle Eastern Studies Outreach Program at Harvard University is pleased to present an author talk by Lara Deeb - Associate Professor of Anthropology, Scripps College and Mona Harb - Associate Professor of Urban Studies and Politics, American University of Beirut Moderated by Susan Kah, Associate Director and Director of the AM Program, CMES; Lecturer on Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations, Harvard University About the Event: A limited ...

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Conference--The Revolutionary Public Sphere: Contention, Communication, and Culture in the Arab Uprisings (10 April, University of Pennsylvania)

[Conference Poster. Designed by Angelica Maez Edgington]

The popular rebellions that have swept Arab countries since December 2010 have spawned an active field of revolutionary cultural production. Scholars from around the world will gather at the Annenberg School for Communication's The Project for Advanced Research in Global Communication's (PARGC) inaugural symposium. Putting primary sources in dialogue with theory, we seek to understand aesthetic experimentation and stylistic innovation in this revolutionary public sphere. ...

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ACRI Petitions High Court: Restore Water to East Jerusalem

[Logo of the Association for Civil Rights in Israel. Image from]

[The following press release was issued by the Association for Civil Rights in Israel on 25 March 2014] For some three weeks now, tens of thousands of residents of Jerusalem neighborhoods east of the Separation Barrier have been without running water. In response, local residents, community leaders and the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) have filed a petition to the High Court of Justice. In the petition, ACRI Attorney Karen Tzafrir noted that most of the ...

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Journalists Under Fire in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory

[Logo of Committee to Protect Journalists. Image from]

[The following briefing was published by the Comittee to Protect Journalists on 24 March 2014] Multiple journalists have been assaulted, threatened, and censored in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory in recent months.  Israeli security forces on March 16, 2014, detained Fedaa Nasr, a correspondent forPalestine Today TV, for several hours and interrogated her, the reports said. Nasr had been reporting on the Jewish celebration Purim in Hebron when she was ...

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On Prison & Egyptian Regime’s "War on a Whole Generation": Democracy Now! Interview with Alaa Abd El-Fattah

[Activist Alaa Abd Al-Fattah. Image is a screenshot from his interview with Democracy Now.]

In a Democracy Now! global broadcast exclusive, we spend the hour with one of Egypt’s most prominent dissidents, Alaa Abd El-Fattah, speaking in his first extended interview after nearly four months behind bars. An open Internet and political activist, Fattah has been at the forefront of the struggle for change in Egypt for many years and has the distinction of having been actively persecuted by Egypt’s past four successive rulers. Facing a potential return to prison in the ...

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Egyptian Organization for Human Rights Condemns Unfair Trial that Sentenced 528 to Death

[Logo of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights. Image from]

[The following statement was issued by the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights on 25 March 2014] The Egyptian Organization Condemns the Execution of 528 in Unfair Trial On Monday 24 March 2014, Seventh Chamber of Minya Criminal Court handed down the death sentence for 528 supporters of former President Mohamed Morsi and acquitted 17 others,in the violence acts took place in Matti that followed the disperse of Rabaa, and El Nahdah square sit-ins .The session was held ...

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Panel Event -- The Syrian Tragedy: Where From? Where to? (3 April, George Mason University)

The Syrian Tragedy Where From? Where to? Thursday April 3 3pm - 5pm Johnson Center Cinema George Mason University This event is free and open to the public Featuring Omar Dahi, Hampshire College/Jadaliyya: Material Roots of the Uprising: Rethinking the Economic Thesis Rochelle Davis, Georgetown University: Gender, Danger, and Vulnerability: Syrian Men and War Yasser Munif, Emerson College: Participatory Democracy and Local Governance ...

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Conference: Reason and Esotericism in Shi'i Islam (April 4, University of Chicago)

[Image from event announcement]

The University of Chicago Shi'i Studies Group presents A Shi'i Studies Symposium: "Reason an Esotericism in Shi'i Islam" 4 April 2014, 8.45am - 6:00pm Coulter Lounge, International House, 1414 East 59th Street, Chicago, IL Hermeneutics, Law, Theology, Heresiography, Epistemology, Politics, and Anthropology Speakers: Tahera Qutbuddin  Paul Walker Hassan Ansari  Bella Tendler Ed Hayes Rodrigo Adem Mushegh Asatryan ...

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Reports Roundup (March 29)

[The following list is a compilation of the reports, statements, and other materials featured on the Jadaliyya Reports Page this past week.] Joint Statement: Palestinian NGOs in Israel Reject the "Sectarian Representation Law" Palestinian NGO's in Israel speak out against splitting Arab representation on a public advisory board of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission between Christians and Muslims. Reporters Without Borders Statement on Harassment of ...

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Human Rights Watch Briefing on Saudi Arabia's New 'Terrorism Laws'

[Logo of Human Rights Watch. Image from]

[The following briefing was published by Human Rights Watch on 20 March 2014] Saudi Arabia’s new terrorism law and a series of related royal decrees create a legal framework that appears to criminalize virtually all dissident thought or expression as terrorism. The sweeping provisions in the measures, all issued since February 2014, threaten to close down altogether Saudi Arabia’s already extremely restricted space for free expression. “Saudi authorities have never ...

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Press Release: University of Michigan Activists Respond to Divestment Resolution Vote

 [The following press release was issued by the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor chapter of Students Allied for Freedom and Equality on 27 March 2014.] FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Greetings from Students Allied for Freedom and Equality (SAFE) at the University of Michigan ­ Ann Arbor! This past week has been nothing short of inspirational. Hundreds of Palestinian students, SAFE activists, and allies from dozens of student organizations persevered ...

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Joint Statement Calling for Release of Arbitrarily Detained Journalists and Others in Syria

[Logo of Reporters Without Borders. Image from]

[The following joint statement was issued by the undersigned and published by Reporters Without Borders on 17 March 2014]  Free Key Rights Defenders Government Arbitrarily Holds Darwish, Colleagues Despite UN Demands The government of Syria should immediately and unconditionally release the arbitrarily detained human rights defender Mazen Darwish and his colleagues Hani Al-Zitani and Hussein Ghareer, 55 human rights organizations said today. The United Nations ...

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Press Release: Bahrain Activists Return from Korea Seeking to Ban Tear Gas Exports

[Logo of Bahrain Watch. Image from]

[The following press release was issued by Bahrain Watch on 26 March 2014] A Bahrain Watch delegation has returned from a weeklong visit to Seoul, at the invitation of South Korean civil society activists.  The purpose of the trip was to educate the government and public about ongoing human rights violations and misuse of tear gas in Bahrain, in support of a draft legislative amendment to block arms sales to human rights violators.  The amendment, sponsored by MPs ...

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The Terrorism Law in Bahrain: A Tool to Silence Dissidents

[Logo of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights. Image from]

[The following report was published by the Bahrain Center for Human Rights 13 March 2014] The Terrorism Law in Bahrain: A Tool to Silence Dissidents Introduction In 2011, the grassroots movement that started in Bahrain demanding democracy, rights and freedoms was met with large scale brute violence by the government. Extreme measures were taken against pro-democracy protesters, and thousands were arrested, systematically tortured and given lengthy prison sentences. The ...

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The Next Round in Gaza

[The following report was issued by the International Crisis Group (ICG) on 25 March 2014.] The Next Round in Gaza Overview   The ceasefire between Israel and Gaza has eroded during the past several months and recently threatened to come to an abrupt end. The day after three members of Islamic Jihad were killed by Israel in a border clash on 11 March 2014, the group, apparently in coordination with Hamas, launched the largest salvo of rockets toward ...

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Witnessing Gezi (Video)

[Still from

Gezi Tanıklığı / Witnessing Gezi Camera, director: Emin Özmen Director: Barış Koca Editor: Soner Emanet Original soundtrack: Berkant Kılıçkap Subtitle: Engin Önder Graphic Design: Ozan Şanal Organization: Agence Le Journal Gezi Tanıklığı / Witnessing Gezi was created with the recordings of photojournalist Emin Özmen, who witnessed the protests against the urban development plan for Istanbul’s Taksim Gezi Park. Subsequently, the protests sparked supporting strikes ...

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Squeezing the Life out of Yarmouk: War Crimes Against Besieged Civilians

[Logo of Amnesty International. Image from]

[The following report was published by Amnesty International on 10 March 2014] Introduction Three years after popular pro-reform then anti-government protests drew a brutal response from the Syrian authorities, leading to the internal armed conflict that continues to rage, around a quarter of a million civilians are living under siege across Syria. Many have endured appalling conditions in their struggle to survive. Most live in areas besieged by Syrian government forces ...

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Confronting the Human Rights Crises Left in the Wake of the Iraq War

[Logo of the Center for Constitutional Rights. Image from]

[The following briefing was written by Jeena Shah and published by the Center for Consitutional Rights on 24 March 2014] The Bush administration’s plan to invade Iraq spurred the largest outcry and anti-war protests in the history of the world. More than ten years and hundreds of thousands of lives later, U.S. veterans and Iraqi civil society groups have come together to demand accountability for the U.S.’s fateful and lawless decisions. As one of the region’s principle ...

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Lebanese Lawyers and the State: Dispute, Collusion, Cooperation?

[Ifpo Logo.]

Institut français du Proche-Orient المعهد الفرنسي للشرق الأدنى Department of Contemporary Studies Conference Series: "Lebanon, what State for what Citizenship(s)?" “Lebanese Lawyers and the State: Dispute, Collusion, Cooperation?”  Thursday, April 3, 2014, 6 – 8 pm  Institut Francais du Proche-Orient (Ifpo) – Conference Room - (Building G), Damascus Road, Beirut With the participation of:  Melhem Khalaf, lawyer, member of the UN ...

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Call for Papers: Understanding Israeli Practices of Forced Displacement and Settler Colonialism in the OPT (Deadline: 1 May)

[Crop of image of Balata refugee Camp, circa 1950. Image by Vincent Bockstiegel via Wikimedia Commons.]

Understanding Israeli Practices of Forced Displacement and Settler Colonialism in the Occupied Palestinian Territories Journal of Internal Displacement Guest Editor: Lamya Hussain   Deadline: May 1st 2014  Emerging literature on Palestine studies continues to explore the policies and practices of Israel in forcefully displacing Palestinians from their lands. Recent scholarship has placed an emphasis on the West Bank and East Jerusalem area where an ...

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