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Event: Syria in the Context of the Arab Uprisings (17 November, New York City)

[Bombed out vehicles in Aleppo. Image from Wikimedia Commons]

Syria in the Context of the Arab Uprisings Sunday, Nov. 17, noon-6pm NYU Silver Center, Room 405   Join leading Syrian and other Middle East scholars and activists at an afternoon teach-in on the Syrian uprising. Hear from activists on the frontlines in Syria and Palestine as well as from writers and scholars who've lived and studied there. Learn, discuss and debate what led to the uprising, who are the forces on the ground today and why Americans should defend ...

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Cairo Event: From Hero to Public Enemy? Human Rights Workers in Egypt (November 13, AUC New Cairo)

From Hero to Public Enemy? Human Rights Workers in Egypt A presentation by Heba Morayef Wednesday 13 November, 1pm MESC Conference Room 2715 AUC New Cairo The Middle East Studies Center is honored to be hosting Heba Morayef on Wednesday 13 November at the American University in Cairo’s New Cairo campus. Heba Morayef is the Egypt Director of the Middle East and North Africa Division at Human Rights Watch. She investigates human rights abuses in Egypt and conducts ...

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Hundreds of Academics Declare their Support to METU

[METU students planting new trees on campus. Photo via]

[This statement was released on 6 November 2013. It has been lightly edited for stylistic purposes.] Hundreds of academic across the world have shown their solidarity with Middle East Technical University (METU) in its fight against the unlawful and destructive highway construction project passing through the campus forest. There are 857 signatories from 278 academic institutions and twenty-six different countries. The statement emphasizes that METU resistance has turned ...

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Rethinking Gezi Through Feminist and LGBT Perspectives

[Image from conference promotional material]

On 4-5 October 2013, The New School's Historical Studies Department convened various scholars, activists, and artists to address critical questions about history and contemporary politics in Turkey under the rubric of the Talk Turkey Conference: Rethinking Life Since Gezi. One of the panels of the conerence was entitled "Rethinking Gezi through Feminist and LGBT Perspectives," and featured presentations by Cihan Tekay (Co-Editor of Jadaliyya's Turkey Page), Zeuno ...

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Solidarity with Nusaybin Mayor Ayse Gokkan

[Construction of the wall at the Nusaybin border. Image via Wikimedia Commons.]

Solidarity with Nusaybin Mayor Ayşe Gökkan As the social scientists who conduct research on the borders of Turkey: We know that states ban access to borders and consider people who live in these areas as potential threats or enemies in the name of sovereignty and national security. We observe that you consider state violence legitimate. You use foreign threats as an excuse to deploy state violence in its most brutal form on the borders to oppress your own citizens. Yet, ...

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Texas A&M in Nazareth? Apartheid & More

[The following statement was issued by the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) on 7 November 2013.] When far-right Christian Zionists as infamous as John C. Hagee and Rick Perry and Israeli leaders accused of war crimes like Shimon Peres and Benjamin Netanyahu propose a project, any project, it cannot be good for Palestinians or for humankind. The recently revealed project for establishing an Israeli branch of Texas ...

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Research and Travel Fellowships by Palestinian American Research Center (PARC)

The Palestinian American Research Center (PARC) announces two research fellowships competitions: Research Scholarship for US Scholars For US doctoral students and post docs who are US citizens, any field of study. Applications due January 6, 2014. Post-Doctoral Fellowship for US Citizens For post-doctoral study in the Humanities by US citizens and professors who have lived in the US for the last 3 consecutive years. Applications due January 6, ...

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MESA 2013 Academic Freedom Recipients: Institute of International Education’s Scholar Rescue Fund (SRF) and the Scholars at Risk (SAR) Program

[MESA logo]

[The following press release was issued by the Middle East Studies Association on 11 October 2013.] For Immediate Release                                                                                                       ...

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Call for Applicants: Swedish Institute Study Scholarships for Syrian Students

[Image via Google Maps]

Due to the difficult situation in Syria, The Swedish Institute has decided to allocate up to 15 scholarships for Syrian students on an annual basis for two years.  The scholarships are for full-time master’s level studies in Sweden for the academic years of 2014/15 and 2015/16, i.e. a total maximum of 30 scholarships. The scholarship offer is within the scope of the regular scholarship process for the Swedish Institute Study Scholarships. Scholarships are granted ...

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License to Kill: Why the American Drone War on Yemen Violates International Law

[Map of sites of airstrikes in Yemen documented by Alkarama between 2009 and 2013]

[The following report was issued by Alkarama. It is based on field investigations carried out by Alkarama representative in Sanaa throughout 2012 and 2013, which were aimed at gathering witness accounts and victim testimonies about US drone strikes in Yemen. Interviews were also held with government officials and members of the civil society. The report was released prior to the presentation of UN expert Ben Emmerson's report   on targeted killings before UN General ...

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Cairo Event--Islamists in Turkey: From the Rule of Law to the Law of Some (10 November, AUC)

Islamists in Turkey: from the Rule of Law to the Law of Some Koray Çalışkan Sunday 10 November 2013 7-9:30pm AUC - Tahrir Square   Koray Çalışkan will be presenting on Sunday 10 November 2013, a talk titled “Islamists in Turkey: from the Rule of Law to the Law of Some,” in Oriental Hall at the Tahrir American University Cairo campus. The Middle East Studies Center and the Department of Law is hosting this important event. Ruled by the AKP (the Justice and ...

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Improving Access to Education for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

[Logo of LCPS]

[The following recommendations were issued by the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies (LCPS).] The Government Must Improve the Access to Education for Syrian Refugees Roundtable Discussion Series The LCPS, CLS, and KAS discussion group recommends that the government takes the following six actions to provide better access to education for Syrian refugees:  Create an extensive database for Syrian refugees of school-going age Train extra teachers and ...

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UN Should Mandate Unhindered Humanitarian Access To and Within Syria

[The following report was issued by theInternational Crisis Group (ICG) on 1 November 2013.] UN Should Mandate Unhindered Humanitarian Access To and Within Syria Overview The U.S.-Russian agreement to remove Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal has led many observers to hope for a political breakthrough.  A more immediate and realistic objective,  as well as a more reliable yardstick by which to measure various parties’ good-will, should be on the humanitarian ...

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International Opposition to Bahraini Tear Gas Shipments Mounting

[Image from Bahrain Watch's Stop The Shipment campaign.]

[This report was originally published by Bahrain Watch's Stop The Shipment campaign on 1 November 2013.] StopTheShipment Campaign Kicks Into High Gear as Korea Weighs Issuing Tear Gas Export License
 Surge of support seen as Bahrain Government hits campaign Protest outside DAPA, Korea’s tear gas export licensing authority   Two weeks ago, Bahrain Watch leaked a tender document indicating that Bahrain’s Ministry of Interior was soliciting proposals to purchase ...

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Palestine Awareness Week at UCLA (4-7 November, Los Angeles)

[Logo of Students for Justice in Palestine at UCLA]

Palestine Awareness Week (PAW) University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) 4-7 November 2013 Please join Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at UCLA for a week of educational events and activities highlighting the Palestinian cause and discussing how UCLA students can support Palestinian rights. This week will feature both day and evening events, and speakers from both in and outside the UCLA community.    Monday, 4 November Daytime Event ...

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إسرائيل تحلّ كضيفة شرف على معرض غواد الاخارا للكتاب الدولي في المكسيك

  إسرائيل تحلّ كضيفة شرف على معرض غواد الاخارا للكتاب الدولي في المكسيك فنانون ومثقّفون من أمريكا اللاتينية يناشدون بدعوة فلسطين  إثر دعوة إسرائيل كضيفة شرف على معرض الكتاب الدولي في مدينة غوادالاخارا في المكسيك، أحد أهمّ الأحداث الثقافية في أمريكا اللاتينية التي تنظم سنويًّا، قام عدد من الكتّاب والمثقّفين القاطنين في المكسيك بمناشدة منظّمي المعرض بدعوة فلسطين كضيفة شرف في العام القادم 2014.  جاء في البيان، والذي نُشر في جريدة La Jornada المكسيكية يوم ...

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Anything But Politics: The State of Syria's Political Opposition

[ICG logo. Image from]

[The following report was issued by the International Crisis Group (ICG) on 17 October 2013] Anything But Politics: The State of Syria's Political Opposition Executive Summary Often derided for its infighting or dismissed as irrelevant, Syria’s political opposition reflects the contradictions, misunderstandings and conflicting geopolitical interests upon which it was founded. That its main political bodies have failed to overcome their inherent weaknesses and play a ...

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Livestream October 30th 7pm EST: Palestine and the Public Intellectual, a Conversation Between Judith Butler and Cornel West

[Event Poster. Image by Center for Palestine Studies, Columbia University

On October 30th, 2013 at Seven PM EST, renowned scholars Judith Butler and Cornel West will discuss what it means to be a public intellectual and Edward Said's impact on the academic discourse of Palestine. The Entire event will be streamed live on the website of the Center for Palestine Studies at Columbia University. - livestream Introduction Lila Abu Lughod, Director of the Middle East Institute and ...

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'Mapping Dubai' in New York City

[The Hor-al-Anz Street Corner in Dubai. Image by Yasser Elsheshtawy]

A multimedia section from “Mapping Dubai,” a research project undertaken by Yasser Elsheshtawy, is currently featured in the BMW Guggenheim Lab exhibition in New York. “Participatory City: 100 Urban Trends” is on view at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum from 11 October 2013 to 4 January 2014. The exhibition is a global project that offers free programs and projects about important urban challenges in cities around the world. It explores the major themes and ideas that ...

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Philadephia Event: What Is Settler Colonialism: Teach-In with Maya Mikdashi (25 October)

[An Israeli soldier grabs a Palestinian boy, dressed as a Native American during a protest in Nablus. AP Photo/Nasser Ishtayeh]

On Friday, 25 October 2013, at six o'clock in the evenning Students For Justice and Peace in Palestine at Temple University will be hosting Jadaliyya Co-Editor Maya Mikdashi for a public reading of “What Is Settler Colonialism?" Mikdashi will critically compare the cases of Palestine and the United States, discussing the ways in which their histories of settler colonialism intersect and diverge. What Is Settler Colonialsim? A Teach-In with Maya Mikdashi 6pm ...

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