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Gezi: The Beginning (Istanbul, 8-29 September)

[Image via DEPO]

Gezi: The Beginning 8-29 September 2013 Opening: 7 September Saturday, 18:30 DEPO | Tütün Deposu Lüleci Hendek Cad. No:12 Tophane 34425 İstanbul +902122923956 Photos by: Nar Photos, Şahan Nuhoğlu, Ahmet Şık, Nazım Serhat Fırat Texts: Merve Erol Videos: Videoccupy Sound collage: Açık Radyo, Simon Art Exhibition design: Özlem Yılmaz As with other urban rights struggles, the level of support in solidarity for Gezi Park was ...

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"A Strike Against Syria Forecloses the Possibility of a Political Solution": Bassam Haddad on MSNBC's Chris Hayes Show

[Screenshot from Chris Hayes MSNBC show

ALL IN with Chris Hayes on MSNBC Syria: The Case for War The Senate Foreign Relations Committee held a hearing Tuesday on a U.S. military strike against Syria, in which Secretary of State John Kerry offered dire warnings about the consequences of inaction. Chris Hayes is joined by Senator Jim Rish, R-Idaho, Rep. Gerry Connolly, D-Va., and Bassam Haddad, Director of the Middle East Studies Program at George Mason University, to discuss the hearing and the resolution ...

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Statement on Dismissal of Title VI Claims at Three University of California Schools

[Logo of Students for Justice in Palestine]

[The following statement was issued by a coalition of US West Coast chapters of Students for Justice in Palestine on 3 September 2013.] Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) chapters on the West Coast celebrate the U.S. Department of Education’s (DOE’s) dismissal of Title VI claims against three University of California schools, UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, and UC Irvine, alleging that activism supportive of Palestinian human rights creates a hostile educational ...

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"Never and Forever": Jadaliyya Co-Editor Noura Erakat Discusses the Peace Process on Al Jazeera's "Empire"

[Screenshot from video below.]

2013 marks the twentieth year since the historic signing of the Oslo Accords on the White House Lawn. In the two intervening decades, Israel's settler-colonial regime has become more entrenched and a viable and just solution to the Palestinian-Israel conflict is more elusive than ever. Since assuming his post as Secretary of State,  John Kerry has exerted significant diplomatic energy to renew the peace talks  which last collapsed in 2010 over Israel's refusal to ...

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Syria Statement by International Crisis Group

[International Crisis Group logo.]

[The following statement was issued by the International Crisis Group (ICG) on 1 September 2013.] Assuming the U.S. Congress authorises them, Washington (together with some allies) soon will launch military strikes against Syrian regime targets. If so, it will have taken such action for reasons largely divorced from the interests of the Syrian people.  The administration has cited the need to punish, deter and prevent use of chemical weapons - a defensible ...

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US Strike on Syria An "Uncalculated Adventure": Jadaliyya Co-Editor Bassam Haddad on MSNBC

[Screenshot from Craig Melvin's MSNBC show.]

MSNBC Headine "Haddad: Mulling Syria strike is an 'uncalculated adventure'" Former State Department Spokesperson P.J. Crowley, Mouaz Moustafa from the Syrian Emergency Task Force, Bassam Haddad from George Mason University, Reuter's David Rohde and MSNBC military analyst and former army Colonel Jack Jacobs join MSNBC's Craig Melvin to discuss the possible outcomes to the President's decision on seeking congressional approval before taking action on Syria. . . ...

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As the United States Prepares to Strike Syria: Jadaliyya Co-Editor Bassam Haddad on Democracy Now

[Screenshot from Democracy Now show.]

As the United States continues to try to build an international coalition, Democracy Now interviewed Jadaliyya Co-Editor, Bassam Haddad, Director of the Middle East Studies Program at George Mason University. The interview includes commentary on the latest developments in the efforts to strike Syria for the regime's alledged use of chemical weapons and the potential consequences. Bassam opposed the grounds on which talk of an impending strike is based, noting the tainted ...

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بيان الإشتراكيين الثوريين: يسقط حكم العسكر. لا لعودة الفلول. لا لعودة الإخوان

مجازر بشعة وقمع عنيف. تصاعد كبير للهجمات على الكنائس ومسيحيي مصر. وترسيخ يجري على قدم وساق للدولة العسكرية القمعية. تطورات سياسية هائلة مرّت علينا خلال الأسابيع الماضية، وكما تحمل التطورات تحديات كبرى تضعها أمام الثورة، تحوي أيضاً فرصاً تؤهل لموجات جديدة قادمة في مسار الثورة المصرية، والتي يمكن للإشتراكيين الثوريين استغلالها بشكل جيد لبناء الحركة – في حال تطوير تكتيكات قادرة على التعاطي مع الأوضاع المتغيرة. وفي إطار بناء وتطوير التكتيك السياسي، يقدم المكتب السياسي لحركة ...

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Academics Protest Facebook Censorship Policies in Turkey

[Image via]

[The following petition was posted in Turkish and English on 29 July 2013. The statement has been lightly edited for stylistic purposes. For the original version of this petition, and a complete list of signatories, please click here. To sign the petition, send your name and the name of your affiliated academic institution to] We, the undersigned academics, condemn Facebook for increasingly having exercised political ...

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فنانون/ات ونشطاء/ناشطات عرب يدينون تصريحات ماجدة الرومي في مهرجان صيف البحرين ويناشدون فنانين/ات بالانسحاب من المهرجان

بادر نشطاء عرب لكتابة عريضة، تدين مشاركة الفنانة اللبنانية ماجدة الرومي في مهرجان صيف البحرين ٢٠١٣ والذي يقام في المنامنة من ١٨ آب/أغسطس حتى ٩ أيلول/سبتمبر برعاية وزارة الثقافة البحرينية، وتدين العريضة بشكل خاص تصريحات الرومي خلال الحفل والتي دعمت من خلالها النظام البحريني قائلة: "جئنا نحييكم شعباً وقيادة ونشد أيدينا على أيديكم، أنتم السالكين دروب النور، المتصدين للعتمة وجيوش الظلام." كما وناشد الموقعون فنانين عرب آخرين (الفنان محمد عساف من فلسطين والفنانة ...

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Jadaliyya Co-Editor, Noura Erakat, Discusses Law and the Israel-Palestinian Conflict on PBS THIRTEEN

[Screenshot from PBS Show, THIRTEEN]

In the documentary film, The Law In These Parts, Ra'anan Alexandrowicz examines the system of military law that has governed the lives of Palestinians in the Occupied Territory since 1967. The film features the military judges, prosecutors, and legal advisers who helped draft the law--years before the Occupation--and who have shaped it to meet Israel's military and civilian goals since then. Jadalyya Co-Editor Noura Erakat joined PBS THIRTEEN to discuss the film, along with ...

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Fact Sheet on Mubarak Trial and Legal Status

[Logo of Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR). Image from]

[The following fact sheet was issued by the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) on 21 August 2013.] What were the charges against Mubarak? The Public Prosecution has leveled official charges at Mubarak and others in four cases so far: The killing of demonstrators in 2011, influence peddling and profiting from the export of gas to Israel. Illicit gain (his wealth is not commensurate with his income). Presidential palaces case (he appropriated ...

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Report on Egyptian Security Forces's Use of Excessive Lethal Force

[Logo of Human Rights Watch. Image from]

[The following report and video were issued by Human Rights Watch (HRW) on 19 August 2013.] Egypt: Security Forces Used Excessive Lethal Force Worst Mass Unlawful Killings in Country’s Modern History (New York) – Egyptian security forces’ rapid and massive use of lethal force to disperse sit-ins on August 14, 2013 led to the most serious incident of mass unlawful killings in modern Egyptian history.        The ongoing Human Rights Watch ...

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Survey for PhD Holders and Graduate Students in Middle East-Related Fields

The Middle East Studies Association (MESA) is attempting to learn more about the career trajectories and work situations of those who have pursued or are pursuing Middle East studies in the United State and Canada. If you are a graduate student or PhD holder (irrespective of current employment) based in the United States or Canada, please consider completeing the anonymous survey below. The survey will take no longer than 10 minutes, and is designed to collect data in ...

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Press Release: Non-Peaceful Assembly Does Not Justify Collective Punishment

[EIPR logo. Image via]

[The following press release was issued by the below listed signatories via the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) on 15 August 2013.]   Press Release: Non-Peaceful Assembly Does Not Justify Collective Punishment - Rights Groups Condemn Lethal Violence Against Those in Sit-in and Terrorist Acts of the Muslim Brotherhood The undersigned rights organizations condemn the use of excessive force yesterday by the security authorities when dispersing the ...

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Massacre in Cairo: Sharif Abdel Kouddous, Lina Attalah, and Chris Toensing on Democracy Now!

[Democracy Now! logo. Image from]

At least 525 people were killed in Egypt on Wednesday when security forces cracked down on two protest camps filled with supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi. The Muslim Brotherhood says the actual death toll tops 2,000, and has called new rallies for today. The Egyptian military has defended the crackdown and declared a state of emergency. We’re joined by three guests: in Cairo, Democracy Now! correspondent Sharif Abdel Kouddous, who covered Wednesday’s violence ...

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Statement from the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists on the Massacre in Cairo

[A victim of security forces that opened fire on protesters outside the Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque in Cairo (Mustafa Ozturk]

[The following statement was originally issued in Arabic by the Egyptian Revolutonary Socialists on 14 August 2013. It was subsequently published in English on Socialist Worker.] Down with Military Rule! Down with al-Sisi, the Leader of the Counter-Revolution! The bloody dissolution of the sit-ins in Al-Nahda Square and Raba'a al-Adawiyya is nothing but a massacre—prepared in advance. It aims to liquidate the Muslim Brotherhood. But, it is also part of a ...

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بيان الإشتراكيين الثوريين حول أحداث مصر الأخيرة

يسقط حكم العسكر.. يسقط السيسي قائد الثورة المضادة لا يمكن اعتبار الفض الدموي لاعتصامات النهضة ورابعة العدوية سوى مذابح مدبرة لا تستهدف فقط تصفية الإخوان المسلمين بل جزء من مخطط لتصفية الثورة المصرية وإعادة نظام مبارك ودولته البوليسية العسكرية. لم يدافع الاشتراكيون الثوريون يوماً عن نظام مرسي والإخوان المسلمين. وكنا دائماً في مقدمة صفوف المعارضة لذلك النظام الإجرامي الفاشل والذي خان أهداف الثورة المصرية، بل وحمى أركان دولة مبارك وأجهزته الأمنية ومؤسسته العسكرية ورجال ...

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فيلم وثائقي يبحث عن قصص حب عاشها فلسطينيون او آخرون في فلسطين وجوارها في مرحلة ما قبل النكبة

أقوم حالياً ببحث لفيلمي الوثائقي الجديد. أبحث عن قصص حب عاشها فلسطينيون او آخرون في فلسطين وجوارها في مرحلة ما قبل عام ١٩٤٨ (اي منذ العام ١٩٠٠ وحتى ١٩٥٠). أبحث عن قصص حب مرّة أو حلوة، بريئة أو ملتهبة، تأخذنا في مغامرة الى زمان ومكان مختلفين وتكسر المحرمات وتتخطى الحدود الاجتماعية والجغرافية والدينية او أي حدود اخرى في وقت انتشرت فيه الثورات في جميع انحاء العالم العربي مرافقة برغبة شعبية بإعادة تخيل المجتمع والمنطقة بطريقة مختلفة، أردت أن ابحث في ماضينا، في السنوات بين أواخر ...

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Fifty Bloggers Demand the Release of Bahrain's Mohammed Hassan

[Mohammed Hassan. Image from Jafar Alalawy.]

“Tell them about how you're never really a whole person if you remain silent.” - Audre Lorde On 31 July, our friend Mohammed Hassan (also known as Safy in the blogging sphere and social media) was arrested from his parents' house in the Bahraini town of Sitra without an arrest warrant. According to Amnesty International, the twenty-six-year-old blogger is still at the Criminal Investigation Directorate in al-'Adliya located in the capital city of Manama. Friends of ...

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