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Ecclesiastical Courts in Israel: A Gender-Responsive Analysis

[Logo of Kayan-Feminist Organization]

[The following report was compiled by Adv. Shirin Batshon, the Legal Department Coordinator for Kayan-Feminist Organization based in Haifa. Kayan-Feminst Organization was established by a group of Arab women with the goal of acting together to create social change, to improve the status of Arab women, and to increase their active participation in society. The organization's Legal Department provides legal advice and representation free of charge to Arab women in family law ...

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Reports of Systematic Torture in UAE Prisons

[Alkaram logo. Image from]

[The following statement was issued by Alkarama on 27 June 2013.]   Smuggled Notes Detail Serios Aburse in Detention (Beirut, June 26 2013) -- United Arab Emirates state security officers have subjected detainees to systematic mistreatment, including torture, say hand-written letters from detainees smuggled out of jails, Alkarama, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch said today. The groups obtained 22 statements written by some of the 94people on trial for ...

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مسارات" و"حملة المقاطعة" يبحثان آفاق مقاطعة إسرائيل وفرض العقوبات عليها"

"مسارات" و"BDS" يبحثان آفاق مقاطعة إسرائيل وفرض العقوبات عليها ضمن سلسلة الاجتماعات التحضيرية للمؤتمر السنوي لمركز مسارات ضمن سلسلة اجتماعاته للتحضير للمؤتمر السنوي الثالث، عقد المركز الفلسطيني لأبحاث السياسات والدراسات الإستراتيجية – مسارات اجتماعًا مع حركة مقاطعة إسرائيل وسحب الاستثمارات منها وفرض العقوبات عليها (BDS) في مقره في مدينة البيرة، بحضور عدد من سكرتاريا لجنة المقاطعة. استهلت سكرتاريا لجنة المقاطعة الاجتماع باستعرض نماذج على النجاحات ...

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Syria’s Metastasising Conflicts

[ICG logo. Image from]

[The following report was issued by the International Crisis Group (ICG) on 27 June 2013.] Syria’s Metastasising Conflicts Executive Summary Two years, scores of thousands of dead, a mushrooming regional sectarian war and millions of refugees and internally displaced later, the Syrian war is tying the international community in knots largely of its own making. Once confident of swift victory, the opposition’s foreign allies shifted to a paradigm dangerously divorced from ...

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The Challenges of Managing the Influx of Syrian Refugees into Lebanon

[LCPS logo. Image from]

[The following recommendations were issued by the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies (LCPS) on 20 June 2013.] The Challenges of Managing the Influx of Syrian Refugees  Roundtable Discussion Series LCPS discussion group recommends six immediate actions on the Syrian refugees: The government must lead the initiative by coordinating not only with international donors but also with municipalities, municipal unions, and NGOs. Establish a crisis management unit ...

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To Resolve Current Political Crisis: Rule of Law Must Be the Basis of the State

[Cairo Institution of Human Rights Studies' (CIHRS) official logo. Image originally posted to CIHRS' official Twitter account]

[The following statement was issued by human rights groups on the official website of Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies on 3 July 2013]   The undersigned organizations declare their profound respect for the overwhelming uprising of the Egyptian people, who on 30 June set out to boldly challenge the political despotism, which had now taken on a religious guise, in the same way they challenged Mubarak’s regime and his police state. This uprising is tantamount to a ...

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Statement by President Morsi's Assistant Essam El Haddad

[Image from official Facebook page of the Office of Assistant to President of Egypt on Foreign Relations

[The following statement was issued by Essam El Haddad, Assistant to President of Egypt on Foreign Relations. The statement appeared on his official Facebook page at 11:31 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST) on 3 July 2013] Office of Assistant to President of Egypt on Foreign Relations - Official The Egyptian Presidency Office of the Assistant to the President on Foreign Relations & International Cooperation For Immediate Release, July 3, 2013 As I write these ...

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Press Release by Operation Anti-Sexual Harassment/Assault on Sexual Assaults during 30 June Demonstrations (Video)

[Hotline information from Operation Anti-Sexual Harassment/Assault]

[The following press release was issued by Operation Anti-Sexual Harassment/Assault (OpAntiSH) on 2 July 2013.] Press Release: Mob Sexual Assaults Reported to OpAntiSH during June 30th Demonstrations Hit Catastrophic Skies Mob sexual assaults reported to OpAntiSH during June 30th demonstrations hit catastrophic skies. Organizers bear responsibility and the Muslim Brotherhood reaches a new political low by politically exploiting reports. During the massive ...

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Kahireli Yoldaslar grubundan mektup

[Image by Hossam el-Hamalawy via Flickr.]

Kahireli Yoldaşlar grubundan mektup: Rio ve Taksim’den gelen gazın kokusunu Tahrir’den alıyoruz [Bu metin Kahireli Yoldaşlar tarafından yakın zamanda yayımlanan bir bildirinin çevirisidir. Metnin İngilizcesi'ne buradan ulaşılabilir.] Yanı başında mücadele ettiğimiz sizlere: 30 Haziran, 25 ve 28 Ocak 2011’de başlayan isyanımızın yeni bir aşamaya geçişini temsil edecek. Bu seferki isyanımız, bilindik ekonomik sömürüye, polis şiddetine, işkenceye ve cinayetlere yenilerini ...

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When Civic Action Confronts Militia Politics in Beirut [To be updated]

[Banner hanging on Gouraud Street in the Gemmayzeh neighborhood. It reads:

Updated at 4:15pm (Beirut Time) on 2 July 2013 Activists Hold Follow-Up Protest at Ministry of Justice What began as a typical display of thuggary on the part of an MP convoy has evolved into a broader mobilization against the nexus of corruption between political elites, party militias, and the legal system in Lebanon. It all began with a Lebanese MP convoy's attack on the Nasawiya Café on Friday 28 June 2013. The following day, on Saturday 29 June, while members of both ...

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Courage Is Contagious: Glenn Greenwald on the Ethics of Edward Snowden and the Difference between Real Journalism and Stenography

[Glenn Greenwald speaking at the Young Americans for Liberty's Civil Liberties tour at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona, along with Glenn Jack Hunter and Jacob Hornberger on 18 October, 2012. Image by Gage Skidmore.]

Glenn Greenwald was a featured speaker at the Socialism 2013 conference in Chicago. Greenwald, who writes for The Guardian, along with Laura Poitras, broke one of the biggest stories of the year: the heretofore unknown scope of National Security Agency spying. Their source, also part of the story, is Edward Snowden, who leaked documents revealing truths about the largest spy agency in the world. Jeremy Scahill, another world-class investigative journalist, introduced ...

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What Is Happening in Turkey? Turkey Page Co-Editor Ayca Cubukcu and Other Scholars Reflect on the Uprising

[Protesters on Istiklal Street in Istanbul on 1 June 2013. Photo by Carole Woodall]

On 26 June 2013, activists, scholars, and laypersons gathered for a panel event held at the London School of Economics (LSE) that featured a stellar constellation of Turkey scholars and activists (see bios below). Entitled "What is Happening in Turkey? Reflections on an Uprising," the panel was organized by the Centre for Human Rights at LSE and sought to address a host of questions related to the context, dynamics, responses, and significances of the protest ...

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Statement by Comrades from Cairo: We Can Smell the Tear Gas from Rio and Taksim to Tahrir

[Graffiti on a Cairo wall. Image by Gigi Ibrahim via Flickr]

[The following statement was recently released by Comrades from Cairo] To You at Whose Side We Struggle: June 30th will mark a new stage of rebellion for us building on what started 25 and 28 January 2011. This time we rebel against the reign of the Muslim Brotherhood that has brought only more of the same forms of economic exploitation, police violence, torture and killings.  References to the coming of "democracy" has no relevance when there is no ...

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Rethinking Vulnerability and Resistance: Feminism & Social Change (16-19 September 2013, Istanbul)

[Image via the Center for the Study of Social Difference, Columbia University.]

Rethinking Vulnerability and Resistance: Feminism & Social Change Women Creating Change Istanbul Workshop, 16-19 September 2013      Co-directors: Judith Butler and Zeynep Gambetti [More information is available on the website of the Center for the Study of Social Difference at Columbia University.] There is always something both risky and true in claiming that women are especially vulnerable. The claim can be taken to mean that women have ...

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Call for Papers -- DiverCities: Contested Space and Urban Identities in Beirut, Cairo, and Tehran (12-14 December 2013, Beirut)

[Logo of Call for Papers]

Call for Papers: DiverCities: Contested Space and Urban Identities in Beirut, Cairo, and Tehran Date: 12-14 December 2013 Location: Beirut Organisers: Orient-Institut Beirut (OIB) and Goethe-Institut Beirut Deadline: 31 July 2013 This conference aims to look at urban governance, its agents, agendas and options, through contested space and conflicting urban concepts, identity claims and social environments. Rapid urbanisation and demographic change, antagonistic ...

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Graduate Paper Prize 2013 (Association for Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Studies)

[Cover of the Journal of Arabian Studies.]

The Association for Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Studies (AGAPS) invites university faculty to nominate graduate student research papers on the Gulf and Arabian Peninsula (inclusive of the transnational flow of people, goods, and ideas) for AGAPS’s 2013 Graduate Paper Prize.  Graduate students may also self-nominate, but include a verification letter from your faculty member of the quality of the paper and the class for which it was written. AGAPS welcome submissions from ...

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PhD Dissertation Award 2013 (Association for Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Studies)

[Image from]

The Association for Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Studies (AGAPS) invites recent PhD graduates to submit their dissertations for consideration for its 2013 Dissertation Award. AGAPS wishes to recognize exceptional achievement in research and writing. The deadline for submission is 1 July 2013. PhD dissertations (in English) accepted for the degree of PhD between 1 July 2012 and 30 June 2013 are eligible. AGAPS welcomes dissertations from across the disciplines and a variety of ...

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Eye on the Libyan General National Congress: Ninth Report

[Eye on the GNC logo. Image from]

[The following report was issued by Bokra Youth Organization and H2O Team on 26 May 2013. This is the ninth in a year-long series of reports covering the actions of Libya's General National Council. This issue focuses on the period from 15 April to 1 May 2013. Click here to access the previous report.] Eye on the LIbyan General National Congress: Ninth Report Introduction Libya's General National Congress held four routine sessions during this period. The highlights of ...

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Support Fair Information About Palestine in France

[Logo of Palestine Media Agency in France]

The Palestine Media Agency (Agence Média Palestine - ) aims at becoming a competent structure working on media and communication, in support of the solidarity movements with Palestine. It was created after the attack on the Gaza Strip in 2009. In France, pro-Israeli groups regularly try to censor all criticism of Israeli policy. As an exemple, for instance, they launched numerous attacks against Charles Enderlin, a journalist from ...

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Labor and Justice Coalition Declaration on Taksim Gezi Park Protests

[Emek ve Adalet Platformu (Labor and Justice Coaltion) logo.]

[This statement was released by Emek ve Adalet Platformu (the Labor and Justice Coalition) on 14 June. For the Turkish version of this statement, click here; for the Arabic version, click here.] The intention behind transforming Taksim Gezi Park, replacing it with malls and hotels, springs out of a particular way of thinking that regards city space as property for rent. In every location undergoing gentrification, attempts are being made to clear the path for a new and ...

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