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London Event: What Is Happening in Turkey? Reflections on an Uprising (26 June 2013)


What is Happening in Turkey? Reflections on an Uprising Date and Time: Wednesday 26 June 2013, 6-8 pm Location: Wolfson Theatre, New Academic Building, LSE While shaping the political history of Turkey and the world, the popular uprising in Turkey has also challenged the social sciences and humanities to give an account of itself. How should we understand what is happening in Turkey? Is this as an anti-capitalist or anti-authoritarian rebellion, a ...

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Turkey Page Co-Editor Asli Bali and Bogazici University's Edhem Eldem on Protests and Repression in Turkey

[Installation piece for antidotes to gas in Istanbul. Photo by Photo by Carole Woodall]

In the aftermath of the brutal clearing of Gezi Park and the adjacent areas in the early hours of 16 June, along with the turnout of supporters for Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's rally in a different part of Istanbul on 17 June, it is important to understand the political, economic, and social roots of the protest movement in Turkey as well as the Justice and Development Party's (AKP) base of support. The following is an audio recording of a teach-in that ...

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Report from Istanbul: Koray Caliskan on Democracy Now

[Koray Caliskan. Image from screen shot of below interview.]

This is an interview conducted with Koray Caliskan on 12 June, addressing the ongoing protests in Istanbul. The interview addresses the violent repression of protests, including the use of tear gas and water canons, as well as the context of the protests, relating to what led to the mobilization and greater demands. Turkish riot police have forcibly removed throngs of protesters from Istanbul’s Taksim Square after nearly two weeks of demonstrations. Beginning Tuesday ...

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Police Officer Leaks Video Interrogating A Detained Bahraini Youth

[Hussain Jameel Jafer Ali Marhoon.]

[The Bahrain Center for Human Rights published the following report on the forced confession of a young Bahraini on 12 June 2013 and urged the “international community” to put pressure on the government of Bahrain to investigate the rampant use of torture in prison and to free all political prisoners.]  The Bahrain Center for Human Rights is gravely concerned in regards to the authorities in Bahrain fostering the culture of impunity and continuing the practice of ...

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Call for Applications: Building Knowledge for Media Policy for Arab Countries in Transition (Cairo, 1-10 September 2013)

[Logo of School of Global Affairs and Public Policy (GAPP) at the American University of Cairo.]

The School of Global Affairs and Public Policy (GAPP) at the American University of Cairo is currently inviting applications to the fourth round of our program "Building Knowledge in Media Policy for Arab Countries in Transition." The training will be held from September 1 to 10, 2013, in Arabic at the AUC campus in new Cairo. The program aims at contributing to knowledge gaining and capacity building in the areas of media policy and media reform in the ...

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Call for Papers -- Transgressing the Gulf: Dissidence, Resistance, and Potentiality in the GCC States (9-10 September, Exeter)

[Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter. Image by Derek Harper via]

Transgressing the Gulf: Dissidence, Resistance, and Potentiality in the GCC States 9-10 September 2013 University of Exeter A two-day symposium sponsored by the Centre for Gulf Studies at the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter, 9-10 September 2013. What do we talk of, when we speak of "transgression" in the Gulf today? Are ideas of dissidence, dissonance and difference most easily cast in the light of the events of the Arab Spring and ...

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Our Call: Petition by Academics for Gezi

[First Aid station and veterinary polyclinic in Gezi Park. Image by Carole Woodall]

[The following petition was issued by Academics for Gezi, and is open to any and all academics to sign. A link to where the petition can be signed is provided below.] Our Call As academics concerned with the recent developments in Turkey, we stand in solidarity with the people peacefully protesting to protect Gezi Park in Taksim, and we condemn the excessive police brutality that was inflicted on them. What started on Monday, May 27, as a movement to peacefully protest ...

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Taksim Solidarity Statement: To the Press and Citizens of Turkey

[Logo of Taksim Solidarity]

[The following press release was issued by Taksim Dayanışması (Taksim  Solidarity) on 12 June 2013. Taksim Solidarity is an coalition constitued by approximately eighty organziations including civil society groups, professional associations, politicla parties, and platforms. The statement has been lightly edited for stylistic purposes.] To the Press and Citizens of Turkey As Taksim Solidarity, we want to announce that none of our representatives have been ...

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Artists in Resistance: In Solidarity with the Resistance at Gezi Park

[The following statement was released by the undersigned group of artists on 3 June 2013 at Gezi Park. Click here for more information. Support messages can be sent to] We, the artists of Turkey, express our serious concern over the ongoing incidents which have erupted in Istanbul with the Gezi Park resistance, and which have instigated spontaneous protests all around the country. We strongly condemn the reportedly excessive use of ...

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The Body as a Site of Contest: Sherene Seikaly on the Gendered Exercise of Power and Resistance

[At Qasr al-Nil. Image by Sherene Seikaly]

How is the body produced as a site of repression and resistence? Sherene Seikaly, Co-Editor at Jadaliyya, as well as Assistant Professor of History and Director of the Middle East Studies Center at the American University of Cairo, tackles this question by exploring the ways in which the Egyptian state's production of the body as a terrorized and passive political subject inspired people to take their lives into their own hands and revolt.  The state's theatrics of ...

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Gulf 2013: The Constant and the Changing

[The following is the executive summary of the new publication Gulf 2013: The Constant and the Changing published by the Gulf Centre for Development Policies. For the Arabic version, click here.] Executive Summary This work focuses on developments in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) over the past two years. It has been written in its entirety by more than twenty experts from the GCC, and its intended audience is the people of the GCC. How does the strategic water ...

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Report on the Asfari Institute's Inaugural Conference on New Spaces of Civil Society Activism in the Arab World

[Image from the Asfari Institute's Inaugural Conference. Image provided by the American University of Beirut.]

[This post has been updated to include videos from the inaugural conference. They are embedded below the introduction.] Introduction Founded in November 2012, the Asfari Institute for Civil Society and Citizenship at the American University of Beirut (AUB) held its inaugural conference, “New Spaces of Civil Society Activism in the Arab World” this month. The conference took place in partnership with the Arab Studies Consortium (Center for Contemporary Arab Studies at ...

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Today We All Are Someone New: An Open Letter from Istanbul


[The following open letter was issued by Müştereklerimiz (Our Commons) on 2 June 2013. It serves as an umbrella organization for groups working on urban issues, ecology, immigrant rights, and LGBT rights with the purpose of creating democratic commons. Since the occupation of the Gezi Park, the organization has been playing an active role in helping coordinate and sustain the occupation, including providing treatment for the injured and shelter for ...

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Fourth National BDS Conference (8 June, Bethlehem University)

Fourth National BDS Conference (Palestinian Boycotts, Sanctions, Divestment National Committee [BNC])  Saturday, 8 June 2013 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Bethlehem University  In light of the latest spectacular growth of the BDS movement around the world in the academic, cultural and economic domains, this conference aims to enhance and expand Palestinian civil society’s active implementation of BDS as an effective and popular strategy of resistance that is deeply ...

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Alone: Palestinian Children in the Israel Military Detention System (Video)

[Alone: Palestinian Children in the Israeli Military Detention System. Image from screen shot of below video.]

The following video was produced by Defense of the Children International (DCI). It depicts Israel's methods and practices of detaining Palestinian children. Quotes from the Video "Since 1967, Palestinians from the West Bank have lived under Israeli Military law. This Law is different from the civil law applied to Israelies living in the same territory." "7,500 Palestinian children are estimated to have been detained, interrogated and imprisoned within this ...

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Youth Unemployment in Lebanon: Skilled and Jobless

[Lebanese Center for Policy Studies logo. Image from]

[The following report was issued by the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies on 10 May 2013.] Youth Unemployment in Lebanon: Skilled and Jobless Executive Summary Lebanon suffers from a high youth unemployment rate of 24%. This rate hinders economic growth and needs to be addressed in order to create a more prosperous economy and inclusive society. Two major culprits of youth unemployment are typically the educational system that affects labor supply on ...

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Just Another Open Letter in The Wall: Pink Floyd's Roger Waters' Letter to Alicia Keys

[Image from]

[The following letter from Pink Floyd's co-lead vocalist and basist Roger Waters was published on 29 May 2013 by the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI). It was written as a follow-up and in support of Alice Walker's letter to Alicia Keys emploring her to boycott Israel and cancel her upcoming performance there.] "Just Another Open Letter in The Wall" Dear Alicia Keys I read today Alice Walker's eloquent and moving ...

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Open Letter from Alice Walker to Alicia Keys Regarding the Boycott of Israel

[Alice Walker in Ramallah on 16 April 2011. Photo by TEDxRamallah via Flickr]

[The following letter from author, poet, and activist Alice Walker to singer-songwriter and actress Alicia Keys was originally published by the US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (USACBI) on 29 May 2013.] Dear Alicia Keys, I have learned today that you are due to perform in Israel very soon. We have never met, though I believe we are mutually respectful of each other’s path and work. It would grieve me to know you are putting yourself in danger ...

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Delivering Democracy: Repercussions of the 'Arab Spring' on Human Rights

[Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies logo. Image from]

[The following report was issued by the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies on 16 May 2013.]  Delivering Democracy: Repercussions of the 'Arab Spring' on Human Rights  Introduction The battle for the “Arab Spring” continues to be waged on three fronts: between the revolutionaries and remaining members of the old regimes, between secularists and those who call for the establishment of a religious state, and between various actors of the ...

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Eye on the Libyan General National Congress: Eighth Report

[Eye on the GNC logo. Image from]

[The following report was issued by Bokra Youth Organization and H2O Team on 20 May 2013. This is the eighth in a year-long series of reports covering the actions of Libya's General National Council. This issue focuses on the period from 1 April to 15 April 2013. Click here to access the previous report.] Eye on the Libyan General National Congress: Eighth Report Introduction The General National Congress held four sessions in this period, during which members of the ...

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The DC Palestinian Film and Arts Festival 2017: The Kennedy Center

SHOWCASE // I am From There, I am From Here I Am From There, I Am From Here: A Palestinian Showcase will kick off the seventh DCPFAF on the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage with storytelling, musical ensemble, and theater. The cultural production, a contemporary expression of the colorful Palestinian diaspora, celebrates Palestine as a vision for the future as much as an object of commemoration. Featuring: Nadia Abuelezam of Palestinians Podcast ⋅ ...

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