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Interview with Representative of Sudan Change Now

[Students at Ahfad Women's University in Khartoum. Image by Utenriksdept via Flickr]

[Over the last month, a protest movement has gripped Sudan. The movement pronounced Friday 13 July "Kadanka Friday" in order to highlight the role of women in the opposition movement. Below, Heather McRobie interviews Rawa Gafar Bakhit, a representative of Sudan Change Now, about the overall course of the movement and women's role in #SudanRevolts. The interview was published by OpenDemocracy on 19 July 2012. ]  Heather McRobie (HM): What are ...

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Saudi Campaign for Disabled Rights Interview on Sabah Al-Saudia (Video)

[Image from]

A recent Twitter campaign bearing the hashtag #للمعوق_حقوق (in English, "rights for the disabled") seeks to draw attention to the circumstances of people with disabilities in the Arab world. The initial campaign consisted of participants rotating their profile pictures 180 degrees; the upside-down images were intended to signify a reproach of Saudi government officials for ignoring the issue of disabled persons' rights.   

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Free Citizen Journalists in Sudan & Call for Videos

[Citizen journalist captures wreckage in Sudan in 2012. Image by ENOUGH Project via Flickr]

[The following statement was issued by Sudan Watch on 22 July 2012. The organization is calling for brief videos about the importance of citizen journalism for an upcoming campaign.]  Citizen journalism has been changing the media landscape since the rise of blogs in the late 90s. This was further accelerated by the Arab Spring. It has moved from a nuisance to the only source of information where access is impossible for traditional media. It was citizen ...

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Syria's Mutating Conflict

[Classroom of teacher Ghaleb Radi in Al-Qusair after mortar shelling. 31 July 2012. Via Lens Young Homsi.]

[The following report is the latest from the International Crisis Group (ICG) on Syria.]  Syria's Mutating Conflict Executive Summary  At a distance, Syria’s conflict can resemble a slow, painful slog, punctuated by intermittent accelerations and apparent tipping points, influenced by international activity. Zoom in, and one can cast such impressions aside. Diplomatic manoeuvrings have ended up being little more than inertia masquerading as motion. The West used ...

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Weaponizing Tear Gas: Bahrain's Unprecedented Use of Toxic Chemical Agents Against Civilians

[Bahraini women flee tear gas in February 2011. Photo by Al Jazeera English via Flickr]

[The following report was issued by Physicians for Human Rights on 1 August 2012.]  Weaponizing Tear Gas: Bahrain's Unprecedented Use of Toxic Chemical Agents Against Civilians  The Bahrain government’s indiscriminate use of tear gas as a weapon has resulted in the maiming, blinding, and even killing of civilian protesters and must stop at once while the government reassesses its use, Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) declares in a report issued ...

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Iraq's Secular Opposition: The Rise and Decline of Al-Iraqiya

[ICG logo. Image from]

[The following report was issued by International Crisis Group on 31 July 2012.]  Iraq's Secular Opposition: The Rise and Decline of Al-Iraqiya  Executive Summary  A key player in the political crisis currently unfolding in Baghdad is the Al-Iraqiya Alliance, a cross-confessional, predominantly Sunni, mostly secular coalition of parties that came together almost three years ago in an effort to replace Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in the March 2010 ...

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Debate Over Open Data in Yemen

[Image by JoshuaDavisPhotography via Flickr]

[The following statement was published by Global Integrity on 5 July 2012. The statement responds to on an April Guaridan blog post by Yemeni journalist Walid Al-Saqaf claiming that open data in Yemen would facilitate democratization. Following the Global Integrity article is the original blogger's response, also dated 5 July 2012.]  The Case Against Open Data in Yemen (By Global Integrity) In a recent blog post on the Guardian, renowned independent ...

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Beirut Event: Public Meeting on Arab Feminist Knowledge Production (29 July 2012)

[Logo for Arab Feminist Knowledge Production Meeting. Image from]

This weekend, a group of Arab feminist activists, scholars, and writers are gathering in Beirut to discuss a range of issues related to feminist knowledge production. While the general meeeting sessions are closed to the public, there will be a public meeting held at Nasawiya Cafe (see below for directions) on Sunday, 29 July 2012, at 7pm to highlight some of the participating organizations/projects and invite discussion and reflection on their particular work and the ...

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Employees of Gulf of Aden Ports Corporation Protest (Video)

[Protest spokesman. Image from]

On 15 July 2012, employees of the Gulf of Aden Ports Corporation marched from the gate of the Port of Mualla to the Governor's office in Aden to protest mismanagement of the company. Specifically, the employees called for the abolition of the Corporation's partnership with Dubai World and the release of Yemeni sailors who have been kidnapped by Somali pirates.  The following video features the groups statement as read by Abdul-Nasser Wasel, a spokesperson for the ...

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Reports of Cluster Munitions Use in Syria

[CMC logo. Image from]

[The following statement was released by the Cluster Munitions Coalition on 12 July 2012.]  If confirmed, reports would mark first use of these indiscriminate arms by Syria.  The Cluster Munition Coalition (CMC) is deeply concerned by reports that Syrian government forces have used cluster munitions after submunitions were reportedly found in Jabal Shahshabu, near Hama. This evidence came to light as two videos were posted online showing at least fifteen ...

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Press Release: UK Company Helps Bahrain Government Spy on Activists

[Image by PBCrichton via Open Clip Art Library]

[The following press release was issued by Bahrain Watch on 25 July 2012.]  UK COMPANY HELPS BAHRAIN GOVT SPY ON ACTIVISTS Malicious E-Mail Attachments Sent to Activists Steal Passwords, Record Skype Calls Bahrain’s government is spying on Bahraini activists with a malicious computer program apparently supplied by a UK firm. Bahrain Watch founding member Bill Marczak, and Citizen Lab security researcher Morgan Marquis-Boire analyzed a string of ...

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Syrian Refugees: Anxious Neighbors Stretched Thin

[Refugees International logo. Image from]

[The following report was issued by Refugees International on 10 July 2012.]  Syrian Refugees: Anxious Neighbors Stretched Thin  Since early 2012, Lebanon and Jordan have seen a dramatic increase in the number of refugees crossing their borders as the Syrian government intensifies its crackdown on opposition groups. Despite the fact that neither country has signed the 1951 Refugee Convention or the 1967 Protocol, both have accommodated those fleeing Syria, ...

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Iraq: Cybercrimes Law Violates Free Speech

[Human Rights Watch logo. Image from Google Images]

[The following report was issued by Human Rights Watch on 12 July 2012.]  Iraq's Information Crimes Law: Badly Written Provisions and Draconian Punishments Violate Due Process and Free Speech  Summary Iraq’s government is in the process of enacting what it refers to as an Information Crimes Law to regulate the use of information networks, computers, and other electronic devices and systems. The proposed law had its first reading before Iraq’s Council ...

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UN Committee Against Torture Releases List of Issues for Israel

[PCATI logo. Image from]

[The following press release was issued by the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel on 18 July 2012 in response to the UN Committee Against Torture's publication of a list of issues to be addressed by Israel. An Israeli response to these issues must be submitted by December 2013.]   37 of 59 Questions Regarding Israel’s Compliance with the Convention Against Torture Relate to Issues Raised in NGO Report In June 2012, the United Nations Committee Against Torture ...

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Amnesty International Condemns Sentencing of Omani Activists

[Amnesty International symbol. Image by Tamorlan via Wikimedia Commons]

[The following statemwent was issued by Amnesty International on 17 July 2012.]  The Omani authorities must drop the charges against a number of activists facing prison sentences merely for peacefully exercising their right to freedom of expression, Amnesty International said today.  In the latest case on Monday, a court in the capital Muscat sentenced five activists to jail terms of between one year and 18 months on charges including publicly insulting the ...

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IFEX Tunisia Monitoring Group Expresses Concern Over Closing of Media Reform Body

[International Freedom of Expression Exchange logo. Image from]

[The following statement was issued by the International Freedom of Expression Exchange Tunisia Monitoring Group on 9 July 2012. The statement was prompted by the voluntary termination of the activities of the National Authority to Reform Information and Communication, an independent body tasked with reforming the Tunisian media, in response to continued government obstruction of its work.]  The International Freedom of Expression Exchange Tunisia Monitoring Group ...

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In Translation: The Revolutionary Youth Coalition's Final Report

[Young Egyptian protesters in February 2011. Image by Ahmad Hammoud via Flickr]

[The following report was originally published in Arabic on 8 July 2012 by the Coalition of Revolutionary Youth, one of the most important umbrella organizations emerging from the January 25th revolution in Egypt. The report was translated into English by Industry Arabic and published by The Arabist on 18 July 2012.]  An Account of the Actions of the Coalition of Revolutionary Youth We believe that every experience should either continue or ...

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Visualizing Palestine on Jadaliyya!

[Visualizing Palestine Process Wheel]

Visualizing Palestine creates visual stories for social justice based on data from globally respected Palestinian, Israeli, and international human rights organizations; academic institutions; and other official sources. VP was initiated in 2011 as a network and online platform. Its visuals are created by bringing together an international and interdisciplinary network of individuals and partner organizations working at the intersection between research, design, technology, ...

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Victimizing the Employer: Gulf Media's Backward Reporting

[Migrant Rights logo. Image from]

[The following article was published by Migrant Rights on 26 June 2012.]  Imbalanced media reporting is a regular topic featured by Migrant Rights; migrants are too often spoken of, but rarely spoken to, as employers and government officials dominate the narrative surrounding foreign worker issues. The public perception of migrants is consequently distorted –one-sided and so skewed it appears deliberately manipulated. The escalating number of ...

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Al-Haq: Legal Memorandum on State Responsibility in Relation to Israel’s Illegal Settlement Enterprise

[Image from al-Haq Press Release.]

[The following press release was issued by Al-Haq on 16 July 2012.] Al-Haq is pleased to announce the publication of “State Responsibility in Connection with Israel’s Illegal Settlement Enterprise in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.” The new legal memorandum analyses the concept of State responsibility under customary international law and examines the recommendations of the 2004 International Court of Justice (ICJ) Advisory Opinion on the Legal Consequences of the ...

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