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Symposium: Law, Human Rights, and Revolution: Transitions in the Wake of the Arab Spring (Los Angeles, 16-17 February)

[Image from event flier]

Law, Human Rights, and Revolution: Transitions in the Wake of the Arab Spring University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA), 16-17 February 2012 The Annual Symposium of the UCLA Law School Journal of International Law and Foriegn Affairs (JILFA) co-Organized with the G.E. von Grunebaum Center for Near Eastern Studies has support from the University of California Humanities Research Intiaitive and UCLA International Institute. It's agenda follows.   Thursday, ...

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Palestinian Intellectuals to Syrian Regime: Not in Our Name!

[Protesters in Syria. Image from]

[The following statement was issued in Arabic by Palestinian intellectuals offering their solidarity with the Syrian people and applying for members to the newly established Syrian Writers Union. It was translated into English and published as such by/on Wadiqratiya. See also the Palestinian rights organization Adalah’s condemnation of the Syrian regime.]   It is our honor, as Palestinian writers and signatories to this statement, to request as a group to be ...

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خريطة مسيرات وزارة الدفاع الجمعه 10 فبراير 2012

[Image from Video.]

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The Academic Boycott on Campus: Breaking New Ground, Gaining Momentum

[PACBI logo. Image from]

[The following statement was issued by the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) on 3 February 2012.]  In an open letter dated 21 October 2011, Palestinian students wrote to their counterparts across the world, “We hope you put Boycotts, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) at the forefront of your campaigns and join together for Israeli Apartheid Week: the pinnacle of action across universities worldwide.” [1] The 8th Annual ...

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Live Update from Bab Al-Amr

[The Bab al-Amr neighborhood in Homs. Image from video below.]

[The following is an update on the situation in Homs from Syrian activist Omar Shakir.] The humanitarian situation on the ground in Baba Amr until this moment is still a mix of rocket launchers, tanks. Mortar launchers hit the area from all sides. More than five hundred shells have come down on us since the morning, targetting homes, protest places, and mosques. Alanwar Mosque was shelled with more than ten shells, which led to the destruction of a large part of it; ...

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CADTM Downgrades Its IMF Rating: A Very Negative Outlook

[IMF headquarters in Washington, DC. Image from Wikimedia Commons.]

[The following press release was released by the Committee for the Abolition of Third World Debt.] The Committee for the Abolition of Third World Debt (CADTM) has decided to downgrade its rating of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) due to the heavy share of responsibility the IMF has for the deterioration of people’s living standards in countries subjected to austerity policies that it has openly imposed or dictated from behind the scenes. The resulting high levels of ...

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Back to Tahrir

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Thanks and Appreciation from the Syrian National Council to the Saudi Kingdom


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Video of Security Force Violence in Mohamed Mahmoud Street Battles

[Image from screen shot of video below.]

The following video, recently released by, shows Egyptian security forces shooting protesters at face and chest levels during the Mohamed Mahmoud battles near Tahrir Square last November. During the week from 19 to 24 November 2011, at least forty people were killed and thousands injured in the clashes between security personnel and unarmed protesters. To date, no person has been held accountable for these attacks and concomitant deaths and injuries.

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Letter to Lara Fabian

[Lara Fabian's facebook page. Image from]

[The following letter was sent to the artist Lara Fabian on 15 January 2012 by the Campaign to Boycott Supporters of "Israel" in Lebanon.]  Beirut, 15 January 2012 Dear Ms. Lara Fabian, Greetings from Beirut. You have declared your full support for Israel. You have sung on its sixtieth "anniversary," which means sixty (by now sixty four) years of ethnic cleansing, house demolitions, apartheid, colonial settlements, and denial of the rights ...

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Interim Government Obtains Four Times the Loans Obtained during Mubarak's Time

[Image from]

[The following press release was released by The Popular Campaign to Drop Egypt's Debt. It was translated into English by Khaled Nagy.] Press Release by The Popular Campaign to Drop Egypt's Debt Interim Government Obtains Loans Four Times as Much as Those during Mubarak's Time The International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan issue is looming again in the Egyptian horizon, a few months after the rejection of a similar loan. It was claimed that the first loan was rejected ...

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Report of the Independent Civil Society Fact-Finding Mission to Libya

[Independent Civil Society Fact-Finding Mission organizations. Image from]

 [The following is the latest from the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights on Libya.] Report of the Independent Civil Society Fact-Finding Mission to Libya Introduction The Independent Civil Society Mission to Libya was established by the Arab Organization for Human Rights (AOHR), in cooperation with the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR), who provided additional expertise and professional experience. The International Legal Assistance Consortium (ILAC) ...

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Alleged Investigation: The Failure of Investigations into Offenses Committed by IDF Soldiers Against Palestinians

[Yesh Din logo. Image from]

 [The following is the latest from Yesh Din on investigations into IDF offenses against Palestinians.] Alleged Investigation: The Failure of Investigations into Offenses Committed by IDF Soldiers Against Palestinians PRINCIPAL FINDINGS AND RECOMMENDATIONS Only three and half percent of complaints received by the Military Police Criminal Investigations Unit (MPCID) and the Military Advocate General’s Corps (MAGC) of criminal offenses allegedly committed by ...

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Job Announcement: MENA Regional Program Director (Solidarity Center, AFL-CIO)

[Solidarity Center logo. Image from job announcement.]

The Solidarity Center, founded in 1997 by the AFL-CIO to tackle the enormous challenges workers face in the global economy, now works with union and community group partners in more than 60 countries through a network of 26 field offices. This not-for-profit organization offers education, training, research, legal support, and organizing assistance to help build strong and effective trade unions and other worker organizations and more just and equitable societies. Its ...

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Press Release: Israel's New Detention Law Violates Rights of Asylum-Seekers

[Protest against migrant detention facilities. Image from]

[The following press release was issued by Amnesty International on 11 January 2012.] A new Israeli law allowing for automatic and lengthy detention of asylum-seekers is an affront to international law, Amnesty International said today.  Early on Tuesday the Israeli parliament passed the “Prevention of Infiltration Law”, which mandates the automatic detention of anyone, including asylum-seekers, who enters Israel without permission. It is aimed at those entering via ...

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The "Young Baghdad" Society Launches The National Campaign Against Sectarianism

[Logo o Young Baghdad Society campaign against sectarianism. Image from group's Facebook page.]

[The following statement was issued in Arabic by the Young Baghdad Society on 12 June 2012.] Toward a Civil and Tolerant Iraq A few months after the founding of “Young Baghdad,” with the participation of a group of Iraqis from various fields, the society launched its first campaign under the title “The National Campaign Against Sectarianism. While the signatories of this statement recognize the devastating effects of sectarianism on the structure of Iraqi society and its ...

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Tunisian Film Festival in Hollywood, 10-12 January 2012

[Poster for Tunisian Film Festival in Hollywood. Image from]

Today is the opening of the first Tunisian Film Festival in Hollywood. It is first and foremost a commemoration of the Tunisian revolution, which surprised and shook the world, ushering in insurrections and revolts whose reverberations were heard from Cairo to New York. Secondly, it is also an opportunity to bring together Tunisians in the United States and Tunisia around a common project of exchange and dialogue with American audiences in the mecca of the film industry, ...

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Call for Papers: The Egyptian Revolution, One Year On

[Image from below call for papers]

The Egyptian Revolution, One Year On: Causes, Characteristics and Fortunes Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford International Conference, 18-19 May 2012 Abstract Deadline: 31 January 2012 Scope and Aims: The popular uprising of the 25 January 2011 launched a revolution in Egypt that captured observers’ imagination worldwide, and whose reverberations continue to be felt throughout the Middle East, as well as in the world’s major ...

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Flashmob: Brides Boycott Ahava and SodaStream at Bed Bath and Beyond (Video)


The following is a video of a flash mob mobilizing for the boycott of AHAVA and SodaStream at a Bed Bath and Beyond store in Marin County, California.  Music by Jane Jewell and Sue Blackwell. Lyrics: Ode to Boycott Israel, end your occupation, There's no peace on stolen land; We'll sing out for liberation, 'Till you hear and understand. Ethnic cleansing and apartheid Should belong to history, Human rights should not be silenced, Palestine will soon be ...

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Kalimat Magazine Launches the Winter 2012 Egyptian Design Issue

[Map of Arab World. Image from Kalimat Magazine]

NEW YORK, December 21, 2011 – Arab thought and culture quarterly magazine Kalimat has launched their fourth issue for Winter 2012. Kalimat is an intermedia company that features bold and engaging political analysis, design, film, fashion, music, cultural affairs and new media content. The Winter issue covers Kalimat's four dossiers: Current Affairs, Culture, Art and Design and New Media. The 152-page (cover-to-cover) issue is Kalimat’s Egyptian Design Issue. Readers can ...

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The DC Palestinian Film and Arts Festival 2017: The Kennedy Center

SHOWCASE // I am From There, I am From Here I Am From There, I Am From Here: A Palestinian Showcase will kick off the seventh DCPFAF on the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage with storytelling, musical ensemble, and theater. The cultural production, a contemporary expression of the colorful Palestinian diaspora, celebrates Palestine as a vision for the future as much as an object of commemoration. Featuring: Nadia Abuelezam of Palestinians Podcast ⋅ ...

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