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Legal Fallout of Israeli Attack on Lebanese Nakba Day March (Video)

The below video (courtesy of Wissam al-Saliby) was recorded on Friday, May 27th, 2011, when Omar Nashabeh (Arabic) and Salah El Dabagh (Arabic then English) held a press conference to discuss possible legal action against the Israeli authorities responsible for the attack on the Nakba Day commemorators that were marching in the Lebanese border village of Maroun al-Ras. The press conference was held at the Press Syndicate H.Q. in Beirut.     

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Funeral of Tortured Syrian Child Hamza al-Khatib (Video)

Hamza Ali al-Khatib, a 13-year old boy, was attending a protest calling for the end of the siege of Der'a. He was one of the many individuals detained that day as part of a brutal crackdown on the protest. One month later, his body was released to his family with clear signs that he had been tortured. Videos of his bruised, battered, and tortured body circulated the internet, culminating in a "We Are All the Martyr Hamza Ali al-Khatib" Facebook page. As outrage ...

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Where is Khaled? The Story of a Disappeared Critic

[Khaled Mohammed. Image from screen shot of BBC Arabic story.]

The following is a BBC Arabic (with English subtitles) story about Khaled Mohammed, a Saudi citizen who walked up to and began speaking with reporters in Riyadh as they were being "shown" how calm and stable things were in the Kingdom on March 11, 2011. In his interview, Khaled spoke candidly about the lack of political freedoms in Saudi Arabia. He was subsequently disappeared with no indication as to his location. Click here to visit the Facebook page that was ...

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Letter from Saudi Citizens Calling on King to Free Manal al-Sharif

[Image from unknown archive.]

[The following letter was issued by a variety of Saudi citizens calling on King Abudllah to free Manal al-Sharif who revlead that she had been driving in the Kingdom (see video here) as part of a larger call for Saudi women to drive themselves on June 17, 2011. As of early morning on Wednesday May 25, 2011, the letter has received over  1100 signatures. The original Arabic version of the letter is reproduced below can be found here. The below English translation is an ...

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Manal al-Sharif: Saudi Woman Drives the Streets of al-Khobar (Video)

[Manal al-Sharif. Image from screen shot of YouTube video.]

The video below shows Manal al-Sharif driving around the streets of al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia, while discussing the impact of women's inability to drive in Saudi Arabia. Manal is one of the women who are organizing the call for Saudi women to drive themeselves on June 17 as an act of protest. Click here to read the "I Will Drive Myself" for action. She was recently detained by Saudi authorities for her driving and her related statements. Click here to read the Letter ...

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Kenyon Review Interview with Sinan Antoon on Literature and Arab Uprisings

[Screenshot of Kenyon Review Blog]

[The following interview was conducted with Jadaliyya Co-Editor Sinan Antoon on the relatonship between the Arab uprisings and literature. The interview was originally published on the Kenyon Review Blog.] 1. How do you think literature may or should respond to this spring’s events? What role (or roles) would you say literature has played, and how might those roles change? Literature always responds to history, of course, but works hastily written under the pressure of ...

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On a NY Stage: Four Strong Characters Seek Out the Meaning of Gaza and the Arab Spring

[Image from screenshot of project website.]

[This report was written by Phillip Weiss and originally published on Monoweiss.] Last night we had an event about Gaza in Manhattan with the Culture Project. It was so great and affirming that I was up most of the night savoring the experience. It was in a grand hall in midtown Manhattan, it was sold out, people actually paid money to go in, and they were rewarded with wisdom about Gaza, Goldstone and the Arab spring. Of the five people on the stage that night, four were ...

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Russia TV Interview with Jadaliyya Co-Editor on Palestine, Obama, and AIPAC

[Image from screenshot from Russia TV.]

This is a Russia TV interview with Jadaliyya Co-Edtor Noura Erakat  that aired on  Tuesday May 24, 2011. In it, Noura discusses developments surrounding the Question of Palestine, with particular emphasis on the role of U.S. foriegn policy and Barack Obama's recent speech at the AIPAC Summitt.          

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Democracy Now! Roundtable with Noura Erakat on Obama Speech and Palestine

[Image from screen shot of Democracy Now! broadcast.]

 This is a roundtable interview conducted with Jadaliyya Co-Editor Noura Erakat, author Norman Finkelstein, and J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami on Friday, May 20 in reference to President Barack Obama's May 18th "Middle East Speech" and U.S. policy towards Palestine and Israel. In a major speech on U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East and on the Arab Spring, President Obama said a Palestinian state must be based on the 1967 borders, the first time a U.S. ...

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Text of Obama Letter Ordering Further Sanctions on Syria

[President Barack Obama. Image from unknown archive.]

[On Wednesday May 18th, 2011, President Obama issued a letter addressed to both the Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate in regards to a new set of US sanctions on Syria. The letter was originally made public by The White House Press Secretary and can be found here.] For Immediate Release May 18, 2011 TEXT OF A LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT TO THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES AND THE PRESIDENT OF THE SENATE Dear Mr. ...

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Cruel and Sadistic Intoxication of Power: A Personal Account of Arrest and Interrogation

[Mazin Qumsiyeh being arrested by Israeli military in al-Walaja village on May 15, 2011. Image from]

[This report was originally published by Mazin Qumsiyeh on Popular Resistance.] Hundreds of us were kidnapped by the apartheid soldiers from demonstrations and hundreds were injuried and scores were martyred. Before I give my report I wanted to thank every one who took action. I have far too many emails to thank each of you who wrote me and I do not know who are the hundreds of others who called or wrote to officials, media etc (I do know from inside information that ...

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Targeted and Entrapped: Manufacturing the "Homegrown Threat" in the United States

[The following report was issued by The Center for Human Rights and Global Justice (CHRGJ) at New York University School of Law.] Targeted and Entrapped: Manufacturing the "Homegrown Threat" in the United States EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Since September 11, 2001, the U.S. government has targeted Muslims in the United States by sending paid, untrained informants into mosques and Muslim communities. This practice has led to the prosecution of more than 200 ...

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Schedule from Conference on "Teaching the Middle East After the Tunisian and Egyptian Revolutions."

[Participants during the conference. Image by Bassam Haddad.]

On May 13 and May 14, more than forty scholars gathered as part of Jadaliyya's first co-sponsored conference on "Teaching the Middle East After the Tunisian and Egyptian Revolutions." The conference announcement and description can be found here. Presenters' abstracts, panel summaries, and more are forthcoming on the Pedagogy Page. FRIDAY, MAY 13 9:30am - 10:00am Introduction by Bassam Haddad and Cemil Aydin, and Welcome by Provost Peter ...

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Conference: Mapping and Remapping the Tunisian Revolution

[Protest in Tunis, 2011. Image from unknown archive.]

[The following conference announcement was sent to us by its organizer, Professor Nouri Gana.] The Tunisian revolution had taken the world by surprise. Never before in the history of the modern Arab world had a grassroots uprising toppled an entrenched dictator of Ben Ali’s caliber and longevity without recourse to any established ideology or political party nor to foreign intervention, which has until now been bandied about as the only midwife to real democracy in the Arab ...

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Maroun al-Ras: Day of Death at the Lebanese-Israeli Border

[Image from Natalia Sancha.]

[The following report and photographs were sent to Jadaliyya by Natalia Sancha in regards to events that transpired on Sunday May 15.] It all started as a commemoration. Buses, food, chanting, and derbakehs. We arrived to Maroun Ras after four hours of driving from Beirut. Some youth go off the path and start running downhill towards the border … they are not aware that there are mines on the way. Chanting while stones are thrown at the Israeli soldiers hiding ...

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Saudi Women Respond to Exclusion from Voting: Baladi Campaign [My Country Campaign]


[The Baladi Campaign was launched by a group of women activists from across Saudi Arabia after the Saudi government announced in March that it would deny women their right to political participation in the upcoming September 2011 elections. The government justified its ban on female voters on the same premise used to prevent them from voting in the 2005 elections: lack of institutional preparedness. Several Saudi women have recently challenged this ban by showing up at ...

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Nagm to Nasrallah

[Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah and President Bashar al-Asad. Image from unknown archive.]

Many supporters of Hizbullah's resistance are at a loss when it comes to its position on the Syrian regime and the uprisings. The following video is from a Tunisian satellite channel whose show "WIthout Flattery" hosted a discussion with various Arab poets on the state of the Arab world. In it, popular Egyptian poet Ahmad Fouad Nagm, a long-time supporter of resistance, addresses a message to Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah. Below is an English translation/transliteration ...

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Syrian Embassy's Response to NYT Interview with Rami Makhlouf

[Left Page:

[The following statement was issued by the Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic in Washington D.C. in response to a recent New York Times article that extensively quoted Syria's leading businessman and cousin of President Bashar al-Asad, Rami Makhlouf, on developments in Syria. The original article can be found here.] PRESS OFFICE May 12, 2011 Statement regarding the recent NY Times interview with Mr. Rami Makhlouf The New York Times published today the following letter ...

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Saudi Women: "I Will Drive Myself Starting June 17"

[Image from unknown archive.]

[The following announcement was originally released in Arabic, and can be found here. Translation by Ziad Abu-Rish and Khuloud.] Us women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are the ones who will lead this society towards change. While we failed to deliver through our voices, we will not fail to deliver through our actions. We have been silent and under the mercy of our guardian (muhram) or foreign driver for too long. Some of us barely make ends meet and cannot even afford cab ...

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Verses of Bahrain and the Revolution Poet

[Ayat al-Qurmuzi. Image from screen shot of film.]

The following is a nine-minute documentary about Ayat al-Qurmuzi, a poet who was detained during the Bahraini uprising. The short film was produced as part of the Solidarity Campaign with Female Prisoners of Conscience in Bahrain. Despite official statements that the state of emergency will be lifted as of June 1, 2011, Bahrain citizens continue to be brutalized through a combination of detentions, arrests, torture, and political trials.      

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