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A State of Violence [Notes from the Bahraini Field- Update 7]

[Photo being circulated by Bahraini security officials,

In the early hours of the morning on Wednesday March 16th, the Bahraini army attacked and “cleansed” (the word used on national TV was تطهير) the Pearl roundabout using helicopters, tear gas and live ammunition. Below is a first-hand account from a Human Rights Watch Correspondent in Bahrain: "At 7.30 this morning I tried to go to Salmaniya hospital. But the whole area is surrounded by riot police diverting cars away from the area. I walked around for a little while ...

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Darker Than Black Tuesday [Notes From the Bahraini Field- Update 6]

[Bahrainis protesting at Saudi Embassy in Manama. Image from]

Amid an atmosphere of extreme tension a number of Asian men, mostly from Pakistan, have reportedly been attacked with swords and iron rods during the last two days. The government seems to have taken up their cause to point blame at opposition protesters although as of yet the circumstances in which they were attacked, and who attacked them are not clear. The men attacked were all civilian residents who have in the past borne the brunt of anti-government sentiment. Mostly ...

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Bahraini Protesters to Obama: Foreign Troops Unleash Violence Against Bahrainis And Claim to Have American Green Light!

[Protestors In Bahrain: Image From The Assosiated Press]

[This is a public letter addressed to US President Barack Obama from by protesters in Bahrain under the name “Movement of 14 February.” The letter was circulated on March 15, 2011] Mr President, You certainly know about the Saudi and other gulf troops arriving to Bahrain to aid the government in clamping down the peaceful protesters. If you can find any legal, logical or ethical justification for this intervention, can you find any justification as well to them forming ...

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Bahrain's "Coalition for a Republic" Responds

[GCC Peninsula Shield Forces entering Bahrain. Image from]

[The following statement was issued by the Bahraini Coalition for a Republic on March 14, 2011. Both English and Arabic versions of the statement have been circulated together. For more information on the Coalition, see our reports on their formation's announcement as well as their first statement.] The position of the "Coalition for a Republic" on recent events in Bahrain This statement will discuss the Coalition’s Position on: Dialogue with the ...

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Different Kinds of Intervention: Groups Respond to GCC Troops Entering Bahrain

[Image from unknown archive.]

Troops from the GCC Peninsula Shield Forces, originating mostly from Saudi Arabia but also the United Arab Emirates, arrived in Bahrain today. When the Bahraini Crown Prince visited Saudi Arabia last week, he was given an ultimatum and a deadline: either the Bahraini government takes control of the situation and ends the month old anti-government protests, or Saudi Arabia would send its troops to do the job. While Bahrain’s ruler did issue an appeal for help to the GCC, ...

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Notes from the Bahraini Field [Update 5]

[Anti-government demonstrators block the King Faisal Road to Bahrain Financial Harbour. Image from]

[The following is part of a series of email reports from Jadaliyya affiliates in Manama. They will be updated regularly to reflect the latest developments in Bahrain.] Friday March 11, 2011 Thousands of protesters marched towards the King's Court in Riffa, an area where many members of the royal family live. The march was stopped at a barricade constructed by the police, backed up by a small BDF (Bahrain Defence Force) presence at a clock tower on the road leading to ...

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Bahrain this Weekend: An Invitation to Dialogue Through Violence (Videos)

[Bahrain riot police. Image from Associated Press.]

Today, Sunday March 13, 2011, on the same day that Bahrain's Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa claimed the regime was open to a national dialogue on all issues, security forces violently dispersed peaceful protesters at several locations--inlcuding the Bahrain Financial Harbor and the Pearl Roundabout--with the use of batons, tear gas, and rubber bullets. Some of today's protests were organized in reponse to the attack on a demonstration in al-Riffa' on ...

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Notes from the Bahraini Field [Update 4]

[Ambulance at the scene of a hit-and-run at protesters. Image from]

[The following is part of a series of email reports from Jadaliyya affiliates in Manama. They will be updated regularly to reflect the latest developments in Bahrain.] Friday March 11, 2011 Ahead of a protest march to the King's Court in Riffa today (where most of the royal family live), tensions are high. For reasons of pragmatism or principle, many protesters have decided not to join the rally, but hundreds (at least) have already gathered. On the pro-government side, ...

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Intervention, Libya, Jadaliyya: A Documentary Remix

[Image from VJ Um Amel.]

The following is an audio-visual documentary remix by VJ Um Amel of "On International Intervention and the Dire Situation in Libya," an article by Asli Bali and Ziad Abu-Rish originally published on Jadaliyya on February 23, 2011. See video below. 

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Meeting Slogans With Gunfire: Saudi Security Forces Use Live Ammunition Against Protesters (Video)

[Demonstrators in Qatif. Image from]

On the eve of Saudi Arabia's "Day of Rage," country-wide protests planned for Friday March 11, 200-300 protesters took to the streets in the city of Qatif, located in the eastern province of the Kingdom. Participants chanted a range of slogans, inlcuding "peaceful, peaceful" and "freedom, freedom, for the prisoners, freedom." Various media outlets have confirmed the use of live amunition to disperse demonstrators. Reports of at least three ...

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Symposium on Arab World Diasporas and Migrations (Washington D.C., March 21-22)

[Image from CCAS]

[This symposium announcement was sent to Jadaliyya by the Center for Contemporary Arabs Studies (CCAS) at Georgetown University. The original announcement can be found here.] Center for Contemporary Arab Studies 2011 Annual Symposium: A Sense of Place: Arab World Diasporas and Migrations March 21-22 at Georgetown University. The voluntary or forcible movement of peoples from and to the Arab world has rarely received inclusive and comprehensive treatment by students ...

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Bahraini "Coalition for a Republic" Issues First Statement

[Bahraini demonstrator. Image from]

[The following statement was released on March 7, 2011, by the "Coalition for a Republic" in Bahrain shortly after their creation was announced. Both English and Arabic versions of the statement have been circulated together.] A statement on behalf of the Coalition for a Republic In the name of our glorious religion and international conventions on human rights and on the principle of the right of nations to decide their destiny, and based on our long struggle ...

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Women United for the Future of the Middle East

[Image from]

[This announcement was sent to Jadaliyya. For more information, click here or here.] We are a group of feminists from a few countries in the Middle East, getting together to create a regional feminist alliance (Women United for the Future of the Middle East), in these incredible times of struggle, victory and hope. Inspired by the power of people who transformed our region and our world in the past few weeks, we urgently feel the need for a feminist intervention in these ...

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"Coalition for a Republic" Announced in Bahrain (Video)

[Hassan Mushaimi during his announcement. Background reads

On Monday, March 7, 2011, Hassan Mushaimi, Secretary General of al-Haq Movement, one of the leading opposition groups in Bahrain, announced the formation of the "Coalition for a Republic" in Bahrain, comprised of al-Haq Movement for Liberty and Democracy, al-Wafa National Islamic Movement, and Bahrain Islamic Freedom Movement.   The Coalition will hold a press conference on Tuesday, March 8th, at 4:15pm (Bahrain time) to address their position on ...

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Support Women's Call for Democracy in Bahrain (Video and Petition)

[Bahrain women protesting as part of the uprising. Image from]

[The below video and petition were created by the Bahrain group Women of Lulu. For the original posting, as well as to sign the peititon, see here. Also, be sure to read Jadaliyya's "Personal Revolutions: One Woman's View from the Bahraini Frontline."]   "A Better World for All" Bahrain is currently experiencing a massive popular uprising in which large numbers of women from different socio-economic, political and ...

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"The Poetry of Revolt" by Elliott Colla Nominated for Award - Vote Now!

[Screen shot of Elliott Colla's

We are very excited that Elliott Colla's article, "The Poetry of Revolt," (published by Jadaliyya on January 31, 2011), has just been nominated for the Three Quarks Daily Prize in Arts and Literature. Show your support of Elliott Colla's piece and Jadaliyya by participating in the public voting for "Best Blog or E-zine Writing on Arts and Literature." Public voting will narrow the list of nominees down to the top-twenty, from which the editors of Three ...

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Demands of Saudi Youth For the Future of the Nation

[Image from]

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, Our precious country is experiencing a relative openness in different fields, and we can feel the tireless efforts of reform in religious, social, and economic areas and organizations, all of which seek to meet the demands of the people. However, we find that the reforms are still far from achieving what we hope for, and what this diverse nation- especially young people- needs and aspires to.   Us ...

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Saudi Government Forbids Media From Reporting Yesterday's Protests, Issues Warning

[Saudi security forces mobilizing in Eastern Province. Image from]

The Saudi Ministry of Interior Issued the Following Statement Today: Based on recent attempts to circumvent rules, regulations, and procedures for illegal purposes, and confirming its December 30, 2008 declaration, the security spokesperson for the Ministry of Interior clarified that Saudi laws and regulations strictly prohibit all kinds of demonstrations, marches, protests, or calling for them, as they contradict with Islamic Shari’a principles and the values and ...

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Teach-in: Democratization, Empire, & the Arab Revolt of 2011

[Teach-in participants. Image by Jadaliyya]

In light of revolutions, or refo-lutions as captured by Jadaliyya contributor Asef Bayat, Jadaliyya teamed with the US Palestinian Community Network-DC to organize a teach-in targeting the progressive left community in the DC metro area. The teach-in entitled "Democratization, Empire, & the Arab Revolt of 2011" and held at St. Stephens Church in DC, featured Professors Mervat Hatem (Howard University), Noureddine Jebnoun (Georgetown University), Bassam Haddad ...

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Gathering to Protest: Videos from Saudi Arabia

[Anti-riot police standoff with protesters. Image from]

The $35 billion question for the last month has been whether the recent wave of protests that erupted across the Arab world, from its far west in Morocco to US-occupied Iraq in the east, will reach the Saudi Kingdom. Today, Friday March 4, 2011, witnessed two small protests, one in the capital city Riyadh, the other in the al-Ahsa in the Eastern Province. These are not the first signs of protest in Saudi Arabia since  the Egypt ian revolution succeeded in ousting ...

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