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Leila Farsakh

Searching for the Arab Spring in Ramallah

[Skyline of Ramallah. Image from Wikipedia Commons.]

A year has passed since Arab youth took to the streets demanding freedom and dignity, unleashing a long-awaited revolution. As authoritarian regimes fell in Tunisia and Libya, were shaken in Egypt, and are struggling fiercely in Yemen and Syria, I went searching for the Arab Spring in Ramallah, looking for the reverberations of the Arab uprisings on Palestine. Euphoria as much as apprehension accompanied me as I looked for the promise of a revolution devoid of any grand ...

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Leila Farsakh

Leila Farsakh is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Massachusetts in Boston. Her areas of expertise include comparative and Middle Eastern politics, notably regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict and Oslo peace process. Farsakh has written extensively about the Palestinian economy and regional integration. She is the author of Palestinian Labor Migration to Israel: Labor, Land, and Occupation (2005) and edited Commemorating the Naksa, Evoking the Nakba for the Electornic Journal of Middle Eastern Studies (EJMES No. 8) in 2008.