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Pardiss Kebriaei


Roundtable on Targeted Killing: The Need for Judicial Review of US Targeted Killing Practices

[Al-Aulaqi v. Obama. Image from unknown archive]

[This is the fourth part of a six-part series associated with a Jadaliyya roundtable discussing targeted killings . Participants include Richard Falk, Nathan Freed Wessler, Pardiss Kabriaei, Leonard Small, and Lisa Hajjar. Click here for the introduction to the roundtable.]  In a speech at Yale Law School in February 2012, the US Defense Department’s General Counsel, Jeh Johnson, outlined several legal principles that form ...

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Pardiss Kebriaei


Pardiss Kebriaei is an attorney at the Center for Constitutional Rights in New York, where she represents people unjustly detained and targeted pursuant to U.S. national security policies. She was lead counsel for CCR in Al-Aulaqi v. Obama.