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Jillian Schwedler


Dictator House: Season One

[Charlie Chaplin in

[When absurdity reigns and analysis is futile . . . satire.] A doorbell rings. Voices are heard off camera. Tunisia’s Zine El-Abdine Ben Ali hustles to the door. In front of him, standing in the rain, is Hosni Mubarak. The former Egyptian leader has shoe polish dripping down his forehead from his terrible jet-black dye job. A gym bag is tucked under his arm. Relief comes over his face as the two men hug. He is among friends – or is he? Cue a Big Brother-esque camera sweep ...

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Jillian Schwedler


Jillian Schwedler teaches political science at Hunter College. She is author of numerous books and articles, including the award-winning Faith in Moderation: Islamist Parties in Jordan and Yemen (Cambridge 2006) and co-editor (with Laleh Khalili) of Policing and Prisons in the Middle East (Columbia/Hurst 2010). She is former Chair of the Board of Directors and member of the Editorial Committee of Middle East Report.