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Heba Afify

For Egypt's Voters, Revolution Feels Light Years Away

[Photographed by AFP. Image originally posted on Egypt Independent.]

The first presidential election following a popular uprising celebrated for giving Egyptians their voice back is not as glorious and exciting as it was expected to be. Instead, it’s marked by fear and disappointment. Having learned throughout the last year and a half that there’s no room for dreamy revolutionary aspirations in the world of electoral politics, most people seem to be choosing their candidate out of fear of the alternatives rather than conviction in their ...

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What's Left of Tahrir Today

[A view inside the

A little over a year after becoming a national symbol of unity, Tahrir Square has become a very lonely place. Amid the complete absence of the state in the iconic square, those who chose to continue residing in it feel abandoned and isolated. The public often blames the square’s residents for harming the revolution that they say they’ve been camping out in the street for months to save. Most of those who filled Tahrir last year to force then President Hosni Mubarak to step ...

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‘Virginity Test’ Doctor Acquittal Reveals Military Judiciary Shortcomings

[Anti-SCAF, anti-military trials signs in Tahrir Square. From Wikimedia Commons. Image by Osama Khalid.]

Disappointed but not surprised, lawyers and supporters of Samira Ibrahim blamed a verdict issued Sunday acquitting the military doctor that Ibrahim accused of carrying out a so-called “virginity test” on her and six other women last year on the fact that the case was heard in the military judiciary.  Following the verdict, Amnesty International issued a statement saying this is proof of the military judiciary’s incapability to handle human rights violations. “This ...

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