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John Warner

Aesthetic Explorations of the Mundane: An Interview with Salwa Aleryani

[Sleeper (2012) – Urethane foam and fabric.]

While urban sociality seems at times to be ruled by the constancy of everyday practices, at others that reliability is revealed as artifice by the capricious instability of our economic and political structures. The routine intimacies of our lives are punctured by the dysfunction of the material foundations that make them possible. In urban spaces in the global South, such as Sanaa, those ruptures may become so familiar as to be ritualized, serving as the basis for new forms ...

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Questioning Sectarianism in Bahrain and Beyond: An Interview with Justin Gengler

[Image from]

In popular accounts of politics in the Arabian Peninsula in this post-Arab uprisings era, "sectarianism" has been an omnipresent signifier for conflict and unrest. The term commonly acts – implicitly, because it is never qualified or defined – as both a description of political contestation and, simultaneously, an explanation for it. The history of "sectarianism" in academia, as an object of study and as an analytic with explanatory power, is a ...

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John Warner


John Warner is a Visiting Assistant Professor at NYU's Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies and a doctoral candidate in cultural anthropology at City University of New York's Graduate Center. His research centers on the commodification of nature and resource politics in Yemen and the Middle East. He is a co-editor of Jadaliyya's Arabian Peninsula page and a founding editor and author of the Findings collective for Anthropology Now, a peer-reviewed journal devoted to public engagement with anthropological knowledge. He is also a member of the Quilting Point film collective.