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Salah Mohsen

The Wine Festival at the Big Mosque in Bir el-Sabe

[The wine festival in 2012 in front of the Big Mosque of Bir el-Sabe. Image used with permission from Arab News in the Naqab.]

Although the Beer el-Sabe (Beer Sheva) Municipality and the local Islamic council eventually compromised and moved the tables selling wine at the Beer Sheva Wine Festival (see Adalah’s Letter to the AG: Stop the Wine Festival) outside of the Big Mosque courtyard, the festival created a general wave of angry reactions among the Arab public.  Arab Palestinian politicians and the Arab League condemned the decision to hold the wine festival in the Mosque courtyard for the ...

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Imposition of National/Civil Service Requirement on Palestinian Arab Citizens of Israel: An Overview of Political Party Positions

[“No to Service – I am not a servant!” Image from]

In February 2012, the Israeli Supreme Court struck down the Tal Law, which for the last ten years afforded an exemption to the religious ultra-Orthodox from serving in the military or national/civil service. As the court found the law unconstitutional, the Knesset would not be able to renew the law in its current form. Following the decision, the Knesset formed a “Committee to Equalize the Burden,” headed by Knesset Member Yohanan Plesner (Kadima), to determine how to enlist ...

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The Last Liberty--An Interview with Anat Litvin

[Israeli guards escort a shackled prisoner. Image by Miki Kartzman for Physicians for Human Rights – Israel]

Salah Mohsen of Adalah interviews Anat Litvin, the director of the Prisoners’ and Detainees’ Department of Physicians for Human Rights-Israel, on the hunger strike of Palestinian political prisoners. (Haifa and Tel Aviv, 22 April 2012) Salah: Last week, Palestinian political prisoners being held in Israeli jails took up a mass hunger strike. How many prisoners are now on hunger strike and why are they striking? Anat: According to Palestinian organizations, about 1,600 ...

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Salah Mohsen

 Salah Mohsen is Media Coordinator for Adalah – The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel.