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Deen Sharp


The Arab Center for Architecture (ACA): Interview with George Arbid

The Arab Center for Architecture (ACA) was established in 2008 to raise awareness about contemporary architecture and urbanism within civil society. In an interview I held on 25 June 2015 at the offices of the ACA in Beirut, George Arbid, the co-founder and current director of the ACA, discussed the work of the ACA and modern architecture in the region. Arbid explained the activities and aims of the ACA, including the establishment of an archive, a library, educational ...

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Constellations: Searching for the Global Suburb

[Figure 1: Suburban Tripoli? The Urban Fringes of Tripoli, Lebanon. Image by Author.]

Conference Review: A Suburban Revolution? An International Conference on Bringing the Fringe to the Centre of Global Urban Research and Practice Suburbanization is the crucial aspect of twenty first century urban development, as now most global urban growth is in the form of peripheral or suburban development. This is the central claim made by the organizers of A Suburban Revolution? An International Conference on Bringing the Fringe to the Centre of Global Urban Research ...

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التحضّر والانتفاضات العربية: وسط القاهرة وسقوط مبارك

[غرافيتي من ميدان التحرير في القاهرة]

إذا كان القرن العشرين في أوروبا قرناً حضَرياً، فإنّ القرن الـ 21 يشير إلى مرحلة انتقالية عالمية نحو حقبة حضرية. ففي العام 2008، وللمرة الأولى في التاريخ، تجاوز عدد سكان المناطق الحضرية وشبه الحضرية عدد السكان الريفيين. ينتقل مليون شخص أسبوعياً للسكن في مناطق مدينية. التحضُّر السريع يجعل أجزاء العالم أقرب إلى بعضها، في ما يشبه سلسلة واسعة من الخلايا المدينية. غير أنه ضمن المدن نفسها، يزداد السكان تباعُداً. التظاهرات حول العالم، من الانتفاضات العربية وحملة حركة "احتلوا ...

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Beware of Small Cities

[Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia. Photo by Niqie.]

The physical spaces of the Arab uprisings emerged as powerful political tools in the course of the revolts for both protesters and regimes. Protestors in streets and squares affirmed that power also exists in real exchanges, in real places between real people. Tahrir Square experienced a metamorphosis from a denied political space to a metonym for revolution, a symbol of the Egyptian and Arab uprisings. The spatial dynamics of the uprisings, however, are not only in the ...

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Urbanism and the Arab Uprisings: Downtown Cairo and the Fall of Mubarak

[Graffiti of Egyptians carrying cooking gas cylinders. Photo by Deen Sharp.]

If the twentieth century in Europe was an urban century, then the twenty-first marks the transition to a global urban epoch. In 2008, the global urban and peri-urban population surpassed the rural for the first time in human history. Every week one million people move to urban areas. The rapid urbanization is bringing the world closer together in a vast series of urban hives. Within the cities themselves, however, inhabitants are growing further apart. Urban protest ...

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The End(s) of Stability

[Solidarity in Sana'a, Yemen on March 6. Photo by Sallam/Creative Commons]

In September 2010, Saudi Arabia marked the anniversary of the 1962 Republican Revolution in Yemen by funding lavish parties in the country’s capital. Large numbers of Yemenis thronged the Saudi Arabian embassy in Sana’a to collect the cash dispensed to commemorate this momentous occasion. Such a degree of profligateness in Saudi foreign policy is hardly new, but the pretence of solidarity demonstrated in their celebration of the Republican Revolution is particularly ...

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Deen Sharp


Deen Sharp is a doctoral candidate in Geography at the City University of New York. His research focuses on the intersection between architecture, urbanism, anthropology, and Middle East studies.