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Eric Hooglund


Roundtable on Iran Crisis, Part 1: War on Iran in 2012?

[An U.S. Navy F/A 18 Hornet on duty over the Northern Arabian Sea. Image from U.S. Navy. Photo by Lieutenant Perry Solomon.]

President Barak Obama’s triumphal proclamation of a US military victory in Iraq upon the December 2011 withdrawal of all US armed forces from that country made it possible for the unelected makers of American national security policy to focus attention on Iran, a nation high up on any list of US enemies since 1979. Indeed, from November 2011 until March 2012, the rhetoric of senior political leaders in both the United States and Israel about Iran’s alleged efforts to develop ...

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Eric Hooglund


Eric Hooglund is professor of Iranian Studies at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Lund University, Sweden, and the editor of Middle East Critique. He has been researching and writing about contemporary Iran for over 30 years, and his his most recent publications about that country include: Navigating Contemporary Iran (co-edited with Leif Stenberg, Routledge, 2012); “Iran,” in The Companion to Comparative Politics, Joel Krieger, ed. (New York: Oxford University Press, 2012); Gender in Contemporary Iran (co-edited with Roksana Bahramitash, Routledge, 2011); and “Thirty Years of Islamic Revolution in Rural Iran,” Middle East Report, no. 250 (Spring 2009).