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Shahira Amin


Egypt's Presidential Duel an Epic Moment (Video)

[Egyptians huddled around screens to watch the first ever presidential debate in the country's history. Image from AFP]

Millions of Egyptians were glued to their TV sets on Thursday evening, 10 May 2012, watching the first-ever televised debate between the two presidential candidates leading opinion polls in recent weeks. The live telecast—two weeks before the country’s first multi-candidate Presidential elections—was an opportunity for Egyptians to learn more about the two expected election front runners‘ visions for “the new Egypt” and hear their stances vis-a-vis issues like security ...

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Shahira Amin

Shahira Amin is an Egyptian freelance journalist and former Deputy Head of Nile TV. She quit her job during the mass uprising in January 2011 in protest at state television's coverage of the events in Tahrir. Amin is a longtime contributor to CNN and writes for Index on Censorship, a free expression portal. She was awarded Sweden's Homes of the Year Award from Gotheborg University in November 2011 for her courage in breaking the story on virginity tests performed by the Egyptian military on female protesters. She is also winner of the Julio Anguita Award 2012 from Cordoba University in Spain for her defense of human rights.