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Raphaël Kempf


Should Tunisia Pay Ben Ali's Debts?

[An image from a demonstration in Tunis on 25 September 2011 calling for the cancellation of debt. Image by Raid Attac Cadtm Tunisie]

The journalist, uneasy, risked his question: “Do you have any fears that there is perhaps a far left movement coming through these revolutions that perhaps want more closed economies? I mean, there have been a lot of pictures of Guevara.” At a press conference on the Arab Uprisings held in April last year at International Monetary Fund (IMF) headquarters, then-Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn gave a reassuring nod in that direction. “It is a good question,” he ...

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Raphaël Kempf


Raphaël Kempf is a lawyer working in Algiers. Before moving to Algeria, he had been a legal researcher in Cairo at Khaled Ali’s Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights, and wrote his Master’s thesis about workers’ and farmers’ rights in Egypt (Paris-Nanterre University, 2010). His works about the Egyptian revolution and the Arab world have been published by Le Monde Diplomatique and La Revue des Livres.