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Nora Abdulkarim

Nora Abdulkarim on Twitter and Political Dissent in Saudi Arabia

[Image of Nora Abdulkarim.]

[This post is part of an ongoing Profile of a Contemporary Conduit series on Jadaliyya that seeks to highlight distinct voices primarily in and from the Middle East and North Africa.] Jadaliyya: What do you think are the most gratifying aspects of Tweeting and Twitter? Nora Abdulkarim: Twitter provides the chance to see different worldviews and their effect on people’s interpretations of the same news and topics. I find this fascinating and immensely ...

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Trial of Saudi Civil Rights Activists Mohammad al-Qahtani and Abdullah al-Hamid

[Abdullah al-Hamid emerges from courtroom after judge spoke with the accused in private. Image from flickr/ana3rabeya]

1 September 2012 at 9 a.m. in Riyadh’s Specialized Criminal Court Rows of supporters formed outside the Riyadh courtroom as they waited for the arrival of activists Mohammad al-Qahtani and Abdullah al-Hamid, co-founders of the Saudi Political and Civil Rights Association (ACPRA). Upon their entrance to the courthouse, supporters shook their hands and exchanged encouraging smiles. The presence of around fifty people, all with cell phones in hand, was to mark this event as ...

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Saudi Feminism: Between Mama Amreeka and Baba Abdullah

[Image from]

On 9 May 2012, Manal al-Sharif was awarded the Havel Prize for Creative Dissent at the Oslo Freedom Forum in Norway. This came shortly after al-Sharif was honored as one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People in the World at a Gala in New York City. Such events have given rise to a pattern: just as numerous pictures and videos of activists attending various conferences and receiving numerous awards surface, waves of criticism pour in. Their motives are viewed with suspicion, ...

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Nora Abdulkarim



Nora Abdulkarim is a Saudi-American student of both Philosophy & Political Science. You can follow her blog here.