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Yael Lerer


The Andalus Test: Reflections on the Attempt to Publish Arabic Literature in Hebrew

[Detail from the cover of Elias Khoury,

Should a visitor from another planet happen to arrive here and look around at the reality between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea without the usual lenses of distortion, she would see that in Israel/Palestine—the land stretching from the river to the sea which has been under one rule for over forty years—almost half the population is Palestinian Arab and Arabic is their mother tongue, as well as that of nearly half of the Israeli Jewish population. Should our ...

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Yael Lerer


Yael Lerer is the founder of Andalus Publishing, an independent publishing house dedicated to the translation of Arabic literature into Hebrew. Born in Tel Aviv, she is a co-founder of Tajamu'-Balad party and the former spokesperson of Palestinian philosopher and former Member of Parliament Dr. Azmi Bishara, and is a long-time activist in movements for justice, equality, and political/social/cultural change in Israel/Palestine. She has moved to Paris where she works as independent researcher and writer.

Andalus has translated to Hebrew works by Mahmoud Darwish, Elias Khoury, Hoda Barakat, Hanan al-Shaykh, Tayeb Salih, Mohamed Choukri, Mohammed Berrada, Jabra Ibrahim Jabra, Serene Husseini Shahid, and Taha Muhammad Ali.