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Maaike Voorhoeve


New Texts Out Now: Maaike Voorhoeve, Family Law in Islam

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Maaike Voorhoeve, editor, Family Law in Islam: Divorce, Marriage and Women in the Muslim World. London and New York: I. B. Tauris, 2012. Jadaliyya (J): What led you to edit this book? Maaike Voorhoeve (MV): When I started my PhD on the contemporary application of Tunisian family law by Tunisian judges, my idea was as follows: the Tunisian family code deviates significantly from Islamic law, and therefore it is interesting to examine if judges apply the code, or whether ...

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Maaike Voorhoeve


Maaike Voorhoeve is a Researcher in the Department of General Jurisprudence, Law Faculty, University of Amsterdam, where she teaches courses on Islamic law and family law in the Muslim world. She holds postgraduate degrees in Law and Islamic Studies and wrote her thesis on Tunisian contemporary judicial practices in the field of divorce (to be published by I. B. Tauris under the title Gender and Divorce Law in North Africa: Sharia, Custom and the Personal Status Code in Tunisia). Her current research examines the political transition in “post-revolutionary” Tunisia, focusing on women's rights, the new Tunisian constitution, transitional justice, and political justice. Beginning in September 2012, she will be a research fellow at the Islamic Legal Studies Program of Harvard Law School. She is the editor of Family Law in Islam: Divorce, Marriage and Women in the Muslim World (I. B. Tauris, 2012).