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Lina Attalah


Lina Attalah on Media in Egypt

[Image of Lina Attalah. Image from Mada Masr.]

[This post is part of an ongoing Profile of a Contemporary Conduit series on Jadaliyya that seeks to highlight distinct voices primarily in and from the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia.]  Jadaliyya (J): Slightly over a month ago, Egypt Independent was shut down by its corporate management, claiming the newspaper was unprofitable. What damage has the corporate control and shutdown of Egypt Independent and Egypt-based news production more ...

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Back to the Margins

[Tamarod Campaign poster. Image from Tamarod Facebook Page]

Like many, I came home yesterday after hours of being stuck in traffic congestion, thanks to the long lines of cars queued at gas stations due to an acute fuel shortage. But instead of throwing myself in my bed and ranting about the apocalyptic feel bestowed upon Cairo this day, I stayed in the street and started cleaning my car frantically at 1 a.m.. While I was driving through the Ministry of Defense sit-in earlier, where army supporters were calling for a military come ...

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Farewell, Samer Soliman

[Samer Soliman, 1968-2012. Photo taken on 29 September 2008, by Hossam el-Hamalawy via Flickr]

“Today I lost part of my life. Farewell, Samer,” scholar Amr Abdel Rahman wrote of his longtime friend Samer Soliman, who family, friends, students, and readers lost Sunday after his battle with cancer.  Soliman’s death at a critical juncture in the history of Egypt, a nation he lived of and for, has shaken many. As a scholar, an intellectual, an activist, a teacher, and a friend, he lived a life of continual giving.  Soliman led a thorough academic life, ...

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The Draft Constitution: Some Controversial Stipulations

[Protests in Tahrir on November 30th. Image originally posted to Flickr by Zeinab Mohamed.]

  After long hours of article-by-article voting on the Egyptian constitution by the Constituent Assembly, the draft was passed on early Friday. The current draft has been submitted to President Mohamed Morsy, who in turn will put it up for a referendum, the conditions of which remain unknown in the wake of a recent crisis between the president and the judiciary. However, the draft follows a tumultuous and unresolved writing process, with many non-Islamist members ...

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Lina Attalah


Lina Attalah is the managing editor of Egypt Independent, the sister publication of Al-Masry Al-Youm, Egypt's widely distributed daily. Her areas of interest include migration, border communities, technology, and intellectual history.