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Zainab Saleh


Quick Thoughts: Zainab Saleh on Iraq

[Iraq Mosul vector map from Shutterstock]

[The recent upsurge in fighting in Iraq has placed that country in the headlines once again. Jadaliyya asked Iraq specialist Zainab Saleh to clarify the background and implications of recent developments]: Jadaliyya (J): Recent events in Iraq have been rather dramatic. What led to these developments? Zainab Saleh (ZS): The fall of Mosul and other Iraqi cities to the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) needs to be understood against the combined background ...

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Beating the Drums of Orientalism

[Jalal Talabani, Nouril al-Maliki, and Joe Biden on 1 December 2011 during

The US occupation of Iraq, coupled with its attendant deployment of sectarianism as a political technology, has foreclosed the possibility of non-sectarian modes of seeing, or critiquing political life in Iraq. In "Shiites and Sunnis in post-US Iraq: separate and unequal; some predict dissolution of country," the five contributors, four of whom are writing from Iraq, adopt this lens in reflecting on the contentious relationship between Sunnis and Shias in Iraq. In ...

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Iraq's Other War: The 23rd Anniversary of the End of the Iran-Iraq War

Saddam Hussein (right) by an artillery piece during the Iraq-Iran War. Image from]

Today is the 23rd anniversary of the end of the Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988). Few Iraqis would commemorate or even remember this anniversary. In Iraqi popular memory, this war has been overshadowed by the sanctions imposed on Iraq in the aftermath of its invasion of Kuwait in the summer of 1990, and by two major wars in 1991 and 2003. Indeed, the 1980s is now nostalgically remembered as “the good days.” Then, food and security were abundant, corruption was not heard of, and ...

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ثوار تحت الإحتلال: الإنتفاضة العراقية 2011 [Revolutionaries Under Occupation: The Iraqi Uprising of 2011]

[متظاهرون أمام نصب الحرية في ساحة التحرير. المصدر غير معروف]

في تغطيتها للإحتجاجات في العراق، نشرت مجلة الإكونومست مقالاً تحت عنوان "حتى بلد تعم فيه الديمقراطية غير مصون من الإحتجاجات." والمقالة تصف العراق كبلد يتمتع بحكومة منتخبة، ومع ذلك فان التظاهرات تعمه بسبب فشل الحكومة في توفير الخدمات الأساسية. وتعكس هذه المقالة إتجاهاً عاماً في فهم الوضع العراقي في الصحافة السائدة. فالمظاهرات في العراق -إن تم تغطيتها أصلاً - تصور على إنها ضد إخفاقات الحكومة في توفير الكهرباء والأمن والخدمات فقط. وهذه الصورة تغفل ...

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Iraq and Its Tahrir Square

[Government building in flames after protests in al-Qut. Image from al-Jazeera]

[This article is a slightly updated and edited translation of the original Arabic version that was posted on Jadaliyya and can be found here.] Iraq’s absence from the “Egypt Today, Tomorrow the World” map, published a week after the massive demonstration in Egypt on January 25th and which included the dates of planned demonstrations in different Arab capitals, was striking. The absence was not limited to the dates listed. Iraq as a country was not included. It is as if the ...

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العراق وساحة تحريره [Iraq and Its Tahrir Square!]

[Image from unknown archive]

[A slightly updated and edited English translation of this article is avaiable on Jadaliyya and can be found here.] كان لافتاً غياب العراق عن خريطة "اليوم مصر، غداً العالم"(١) (نشرت بعد اسبوع من مسيرة ٢٥ كانون الثاني (يناير)) والتي ضمت مواعيد المظاهرات في عدد من البلدان العربية. وهذا الغياب لم يقتصر على التأريخ وإنما على ذكر البلد كذلك. وكأن غياب الأحتجاجات كناية عن غياب البلد برمته، وكأن العراق غير معني بما يحصل في تونس ومصر على الأخص. ويعود هذا الغياب الصارخ الى ...

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Zainab Saleh


Zainab Saleh is the 2011-2013 Mellon Post-Doc Fellow at the John B. Hurford Center for the Arts and Humanities and a Visiting Assistant Professor in Anthropology at Haverford College.