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Noura Erakat, Lisa Hajjar, Dena Qaddumi and Ahmed Barclay, Asli Bali, Nimer Sultany, and Darryl Li

Roundtable on Occupation Law: Part of the Conflict or Part of the Solution?

[Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Image from unknown archive.]

[The following series of articles is part of a Jadaliyya roundtable on Occupation Law. It features contributions by Noura Erakat, Lisa Hajjar, Dena Qaddumi and  Ahmed Barclay, Asli Bali, Nimer Sultany, and Darryl Li. The roundtable was first published in September 2011.] Noura Erakat, Part I Lisa Hajjar, Part II Dena Qaddumi and  Ahmed Barclay, Part III   Asli Bali, Part ...

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Noura Erakat is a human rights attorney and writer. She is currently an adjunct professor of international human rights law in the Middle East at Georgetown University and is the US-based Legal Advocacy Coordinator for Badil Center for Palestinian Refugee and Residency Rights. Most recently she served as Legal Counsel for a Congressional Subcommittee in the House of Representatives, chaired by Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich. She has helped to initiate and organize several national formations including Arab Women Arising for Justice (AMWAJ) and the U.S. Palestinian Community Network (USPCN). Noura has appeared on Fox’s “The O’ Reilly Factor,” NBC’s “Politically Incorrect,” MSNBC, and Al-Jazeera Arabic and English. Her publications include: "Litigating the Arab-Israeli Conflict: The Politicization of U.S. Federal Courts" in the Berkeley Law Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Law, "Arabiya Made Invisible: Between the Marginalization of Agency and the Silencing of Dissent" in a Syracuse Press anthology, and "BDS in the USA: 2001-2010," in the Middle East Report. She is a Co-Editor of Noura is currently completing her LLM in National Security at Georgetown University Law Center. You can follow her on Twitter at @4noura. 

Lisa Hajjar teaches sociology at the University of California – Santa Barbara. Her research and writing focus on law and legality, war and conflict, human rights, and torture. She is the author of Courting Conflict: The Israeli Military Court System in the West Bank and Gaza (University of California Press, 2005). In addition to being a Co-Editor at Jadaliyya, she serves on the editorial committees of Middle East Report and Journal of Palestine Studies. She is currently working on a book about anti-torture lawyering in the United States. 

Dena Qaddumi is an architect and urban development planner. She is co-founder of (@arenaspec) and is currently based with the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies in Doha. Her research interests center on participatory governance, urban citizenship and gender policy as they relate to housing, infrastructure and public space.

Aslı Ü. Bâli is Acting Professor of Law at the UCLA School of Law.  She teaches Public International Law, International Human Rights and a seminar on the Laws of War.  She joined the UCLA faculty from the Yale Law School where she was the Irving S. Ribicoff Fellow in Law and Coordinator of the Middle East Legal Forum. A graduate of Williams College, Cambridge University, where she was a Herchel Smith Scholar, and the Yale Law School, Bâli also holds a Ph.D. from the Department of Politics at Princeton University. After graduating from law school, she worked for the United Nations in Gaza and then for the World Bank in the West Bank. She also spent several years in private legal practice in New York and Paris, where, in addition to representing a variety of corporate clients, she engaged in extensive pro bono work relating to immigration, civil liberties, and international human rights. Bâli’s research interests span the areas of international law, international relations and the comparative law and politics of the Middle East.

Nimer Sultany  is a doctoral candidate at Harvard Law School. His work focuses on contemporary progressive constitutional and political theory. His publications include: Citizens without Citizenship: Israel and the Palestinian Minority (Mada, 2003); The Legacy of Justice Aharon Barak: A Critical Review, and Redrawing the Boundaries of Citizenship: Israel’s New Hegemony. His op-eds were published in The Guardian, Miami Herald, the Boston Globe, Haaretz, Arabs48 website, and al-Quds al-Arabi.

Darryl Li is a doctoral candidate in Anthropology and Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard University and serves on the editorial board of Middle East Report.