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Farah Samti


Final Draft of Preamble to 2012 Tunisian Constitution--English Translation by Tunisia Live

[Arabic version of the final draft of the preamble to the 2012 Tunisian Constitution. Image from Tunisia Live.]

This finalized draft of the preamble to the 2012 Tunisian Constitution was translated by Tunisia Live staff and is based on the official Arabic version, which was released by Constituent Assembly members on 4 June 2012: We, the deputies of the Tunisian People, members of the National Constituent Assembly, elected through the merits of the Revolution of dignity, freedom, and justice, With pride for our people’s struggle, and in response to the aims of the revolution — which ...

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Farah Samti


Farah Samti is a 23 year old pursuing a masters in linguistics at the University of Arts and Humanities
in Manouba. Samti graduated with BA in British and American Literature and Civilization from the University of Manouba and was an active member of the Undergraduate Intensive English Program (UIEP). Samti was awarded a scholarship to study at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA for two months, and formerly worked as a private tutor. Samti is also a member of AIESEC, speaking four languages: fluent Arabic, French, and English and conversational Italian. Additionally, Samti took up Chinese this year. In her spare time, Samti enjoys environmental volunteerism, sports and travel.