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Anna Younes

Philo- and Anti-Semitism in Germany: Interview with Gilbert Achcar


This interview is part of a longer one conducted with Gilbert Achcar in Berlin on 18 and 20 May discussing his book, The Arabs and the Holocaust which was translated into German in May 2012. The interview  explores intersecting paradigms and predicaments of racism and colonialism for a post-war German nation. Specifically, it touches upon some of the historical roots and contemporary debates in Germany, concerning anti-Semitism and ...

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Anna Younes


Anna Younes is a PhD student at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies Geneva. Former research included Theories of Anarchism, Palestine, Mizrahi/Arab Jews, Gender, Nationalism, and Critical Race Theory.  She blogs at, and her publications include  "White logic, White methods: racism and methodology" in: Critical Whiteness Studies – Methodologies. GJSS Volume 9 Issue 1, March 2012: pp. 91-94, "A gendered movement for liberation: Hamas’s women’s movement and nation building in contemporary Palestine", in: Contemporary Arab Affairs (Routledge), Volume 3, Issue 1, 2010: 21 – 37, and film critiques in German on "Women without Men", "Neukölln Unlimited", "Leila Khaled Hijacker" and various interviews with i.e. Sara Ahmed, Pinar Selek, Ruven Abergjil, Amira Hass.